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  1. Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck production (under)estimate

    I admit to being concerned by the conservative estimate. It would probably be 2024 before I saw my CT if that held true.
  2. Tesla continues saying Cybertruck first deliveries coming late 2021

    I didn't get the email... interesting.
  3. We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    This will be my first truck, so I'm really looking forward to being able to haul stuff!
  4. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    Best I could do in Connecticut, finally got my plate in.
  5. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    RN 112831066 Tri Motor FSD Roughly 6:30 AM EST