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  1. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I whole heartedly disagree my childhood sweetheart and bride of 33 years is the best thing that ever happened to me!
  2. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Anticipating delays, I purchased a Model Y to tide me over until my Cybertruck would be ready. SO GLAD I did. I'm enjoying the Model Y :cool:- but unfortunate so is my wife :sneaky: I'll be trading her in when the Cybertruck is ready [ the model y, not the wife :rolleyes: ]
  3. Elon Musk and Paul Elio

    that would be great I was an all-in early reservation holder with Elio (gas prices were much higher then) I still get teased, but that doesn't bother me - I think Paul gave it a hell of a try
  4. Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    were those wood braces miss-aligned?
  5. Heavy-duty BEVs like the Tesla Semi won’t work—biofuels a better option: Bill Gates

    Bill Gates made his first fortune by purchasing CPM, leasing it to IBM, letting them develop IBM DOS, then stealing their design and calling it microsoft dos. take what Gates says and does with a grain if salt.
  6. Good Morning Teslanytes

    Pinto Wagon , same color but not nearly as nice as the on in the pic... Brother owed me money - I made a deal with him...get me a car that runs decent and we'll call it even. She was a farm field find... 1.5" water pipe strapped above rear rear leaf spring for support as the frame had rusted...
  7. Surge protection?

    Whole House TVSS is a great idea if you can afford it. Otherwise, I wonder who would pay for the repairs? Home owners insurance or Vehicle Insurance?
  8. Trade In Value of Tesla EV?

    From what I have read on that interweb thingy, the average car depreciates roughly 20-25% the first year and another 10% each year after, that is if miles are kept low and the condition remains above average. So I believe 80% after 1.5 years sounds like a great trade-in value. I put a fair...
  9. Salvage Titles and Supercharging

    Though we may purchase and 'own' the cars of today, we are merely leasing the software that runs them, or at least that is the future. There are, and always will be challenges to OEM software restrictions, but the moment that membrane is compromised, it leads to vulnerabilities that go beyond...
  10. Trade In Value of Tesla EV?

    Does anyone here have any first hand knowledge or experiencing with trading or selling a used Tesla? I'm giving serious consideration to purchasing a model Y AWD long range and trading it in for the CT when it...
  11. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    Snow plow package capable heads up display for awd models, ability to switch to between FWD/RWD/AWD mode
  12. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    give the single motor guys the 500 mile range and us dual motor guys 700 mile range😎
  13. climate controlled bed?

    Will there be a climate control option for the bed? might be useful option for occasional use.
  14. Musk Says Cybertruck Will Take Cross-Country Trip Tour Later This Year

    Your missing the point... yes, new vehicles are delivered on car haulers, but not when you're trying to showcase the Cybertruck and Tesla's ability to travel cross country using Tesla's supercharger network.
  15. Incredible Cybertruck Fan Made Spec Ad - "It Came From Beyond"

    I’d like to add the flight option to my order please
  16. Any warranty issue when installing my own sound system in my Cybertruck?

    Planning to replace a sound system on perhaps the most sofisticated and trechnologically advanced automobile in the world almost two years before its release? I know I would void your warranty just for speaking such blasphemy. on another note - WHY? Tesla’s sound system is better than BMW’s...
  17. Shareholders are being encouraged to remove CEO Musk from the Board?

    Apparently Tesla Shareholders are being asked to remove Elon Musk from the board. This is being instigated by a UK investment firm PIRC I'm new to the the cybertrucks forum. I joined immediately after I placed my reservation. I was drawn to Telsa because of Elon, his successful track record...