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  1. Justify the cost to own

    Ever consider a wood stove that sits on the hearth smack dab up against the opening of the old fireplace and then run a stainless steel flue pipe up thru the old chimney with a new cap on top. My neighbor did a retro on his old fireplace and was amazed at how efficient they are and keeps the...
  2. Justify the cost to own

    Just for Hurricanes here on the coast. Live out in the country and it's heavily wooded so noise does not travel too bad anyway when the hurricane rolls into town everyone has one purring so it blends in. We use a wood stove to heat the whole house, have been for years, love it. This year's...
  3. Justify the cost to own

    The portable generators put out about 95 db whereas the standby units have a noise attenuation cabinet only give off 65 db.
  4. 5:1 Tesla stock split

    It's all fun, Like riding a new pony. Where's your adventure yall? Been doing the same thing since day one and expanding the herd immensely, it's fun. I only started with "play money" anyway and it's grown quite substantially. Ye haw. It always drops after a sharp peak, hop off the...
  5. Justify the cost to own

    I hear you, I used to live in N.O.L.A. (Gretna and then out Jeff Hwy, west of the Huey P.) I worked offshore for ODECO. I do not miss the traffic. I had wanted to install a 22 kW ground array, happy for you to get past the hurdles.
  6. Justify the cost to own

    Lucky you. I looked into putting in a solar array at my place in the country, a ground mount system, I tried to convince myself cause I really wanted one but the numbers in my area did not work. I only pay 9 cents per kWh and I could not justify the cost of the system against the cheap grid...
  7. Justify the cost to own

    Not where I'm from. I'd rather have the power to drive my CT by charging it from a 22 kW propane-powered standby generator and have the freedom to drive vs. being stuck at the house with a dead battery. Also need to keep the Misses happy by providing endless power for: Two...