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  1. Cybertruck and Semi will be in production end of 2022 and volume production in 2023 -- says Elon @ today's shareholder meeting

    Rivians, Rivians, hmm … nope no Rivians, Bezos wants his vans first. How’s that again? Lucid, nope no Lucids, I heard Mrs Rawlinson called him inside when the street lights came on. 😂 Face it, we’re all in this together.
  2. Hummer EV proto reviewed: 200kWh battery?!?

    Elon has better uses for KWH then propping up anybodies ego. He has a mission.
  3. Question About 4680 Cells

    Don’t forget you’re talking cost, not wholesale and definitely not retail.
  4. EV sales have doubled. Is a ‘tidal wave’ coming?

    Yep, looks to me like it’s underway but it has to be long and slow throttled by EV availability, which is good, it gives everything else time to implode slowly, giving a little time to pivot, adjust, or just step out of the way.
  5. EV truck reservation poll

    I’m pretty sure I could be OK with any of the three, although recent events with Tesla employees attempting to leave with Tesla IP when starting a new position with Rivian and this while there is already a suit filed months and months ago for the same issue disturbs me greatly. A CEO that not...
  6. Rivian Details $1 Billion Loss, Amazon Deal in IPO Filing

    Sounded today that Rivian got more than just Scaringe from Tesla, some tech insiders and maybe some documentation and/or samples as well. If so it moves from poaching to felony theft of IP. NOT cool man.
  7. Cybertruck and "Keying"

    Could the solution be that of 100% southern end of a north bound skunk, applied liberally?
  8. Rivian Files IPO, reports 48,390 Pre Orders

    Maybe after their new Tesla lawsuit is applied, with or without a win the legal costs could be substantial, maybe even get a cease and desist order to stop sales until it is settled. Tsk Tsk. Cheaters (allegedly) never win.
  9. OMG! They know!

    Yes!, Luddites, Luddites, Luddites, They’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
  10. Cybertruck updates from Investor meetings???

    Agreed, don’t get overly hopeful, but….. 😂 it is going to be live-streamed from Austin, and Elon will likely be in full Barnum and Bailey showman mode, and CQ patents just came to light, and the investors know how many billions of dollars are waiting to be handed over for a CT, Seems like good...
  11. Cybertruck: Light-Duty or Heavy-Duty?

    Maybe more battery so we are sure to make it thru the 4th of July parades where we’ll all be carrying our Cyberquads? 😄
  12. Report: Vaporware Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Delayed Until 2023

    I’m hoping Tesla is as interested in cashing in on the sales as well as the PR/bragging rights and that they already origami-ing and casting and filling a few with 4680’s for 007 top secret testing on Richard Branson’s island so they’ll jump in at 10,000 a month out of the gate. Of course now I...
  13. Limited CT Production

    Between the 4680 battery pack, the origami/non-painted body and die cast under chassis with vault the margin was slated to be very high. Not sure how the HW 4, self presenting doors, and 4 wheel steering affect the equation.
  14. A new U.S. based giga factory just for Cybertruck

    Yeah but….how are they gonna move 5000 vehicles a day off premises? Look at the issues Shang hai is having. I can only guess 5 Boring tunnels filled with FSD cars operating autonomously?
  15. Man on bench not included

    At least one. My Lexus RX Hybrid won’t be getting traded in for a new one, it’ll go to the child when I get my CT. I don’t need the truck (though I like it) but I gotta have the science. All of it. Bio, thermo, battery, AutoPilot, FSD, Sentry, Door Auto presentation (DAP?), hideaway tonneau...
  16. GIGA TEXAS size is 😱🤯

    Yep, it’s big like the sun is really big but what’s going on inside is almost as staggering. Shanghai reported reaching output of 1000 model Ys. In three 8 hour shifts that’s 1 car every 1.5 minutes. Can’t be one line, right? You couldn’t get the car moved through the plant under it’s own...
  17. Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    Good discussion! Great to see everyone thinking about the details. Only thing I have is on the LCD Screen, I haven’t heard any complaints on it and I think it’s just a screen you could buy locally and replace yourself if needed. It’s high quality but nothing special. The momma board is where th...
  18. 1.4 MILLION Reservations for the Cybertruck, and Counting!!!

    Solid view, but why only 200k full production? 3 part chassis, essentially 1 part body, automated QA, and. no paint? And maybe if needed, another line set up when the first hit full production, with gigs presses ordered when those processes are tested and OK’d (Pre full production). After all...
  19. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    Perception as reality? Only possible until they try to share the same time slice, ..I think? When does a reservation for a Cybertruck - Robotaxi become an order? How many Cybertruck-Robotaxi reservations become another month of my waiting in line? So many questions….
  20. Morgan Stanley estimates Cybertruck production volume to hit 100k/year in 2025 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I’m not sitting RN # 400k, I’m at 1,771,000 and change, I know some pctg of that will drop out but I’m concerned about a 5 year wait. And Driveltribe says no one will buy the abomination? Someone needs a reality check.