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  1. Suskis

    🎥 New Cybertruck video showing (removable) side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    Side mirrors could be inevitable for US market. Living in Europe, I hope they will stick to the cameras (the monster is 2m wide already. adding side mirrors would be too much). I can't see any difference in the lights though
  2. Suskis

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    the problem here is that Rivian is almost ready and GM and Ford will be before Tesla. people in need of a truck and still puzzled about CT's appearance will go for another brand at this point. this is no good news for us Tesla shareholders. As a future CT owner, however, I am ok with any delay...
  3. Suskis

    What about a Three seater?

    that looks neat to me
  4. Suskis

    What about a Three seater?

    I think it could be lowered in its height as well
  5. Suskis

    What about a Three seater?

    not exactly the target for this kind of truck, though
  6. Suskis

    Amphibious Cybertruck

    I think that the only problem with CT's buoyancy is the bed: unless you make it watertight, water will enter the bed pretty easily. However, a watertight tonneau cover and bed could make CT a potential submarine! all Teslas can be driven through water and the only problem is the air filter that...
  7. Suskis

    What about a Three seater?

    In Europe more than often families have 0 or 1 kid. And CT is not even a family car, btw. I see plenty of utility veichles that totally remove the 2nd row of seats. What if EU CT had only a row of seats? 3 seats are not bad at all (for a pickup truck). How short could it be if a full seats row...
  8. Suskis

    Solar panels

    This seems overly optimistic. Extra electronics will be needed to handle the panels (that I think will be made using Tesla Solar Tiles). Maybe 10k is too much but 1k is nothing
  9. Suskis

    Solar panels

    I am interested in the solar panels option (+15 miles for free each day is incredible! CT will be the first production veichle to go on forever by itself!). How much do you think adding them as an option in the configurator could cost?
  10. Suskis

    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    I think Musk is pushing too much the customers lately. No round wheel option for Plaid S is an example. Why not give the option to paying customers to choose what they want? I think that the "no handle" idea is dangerous and against laws (what if you are unconscious inside your CT and people...
  11. Suskis

    They plan to take-over Tesla

    I invested 10k in Bitcoins and I am not happy how their value tanked lately, but I am positive Elon Musk has nothing to do with it. there are whales around that buy and sell cryptos millions at a time, to move the market as they wish
  12. Suskis

    Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10

    Just by looking at your avatar I think someone should draw a Silver Surfer piloting a Cybertruck! They seem to be a perfect match! He could stay in the bed, as if surfing, while the CT pilots itself!
  13. Suskis

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    Maybe I am wrong but a veichle with solar panels could receive extra discount from governments for being even more environmental friendly than normal evs
  14. Suskis

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    Midgate is 100% possible if its sections end at the roof (when it's deployed) and they are pulled inside the CT by its sides (chains or something like that). It could allow a midgate to be opened both with tonneau closed (for great camping options) and open (to exit the cabin directly on the...
  15. Suskis

    Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    I don't believe anything Ford is saying. Battery, range, towing.. They have a prorotype, years behind Cybertruck, and used Biden to obtain credibility. Not for me
  16. Suskis

    "Holy Grail battery"

    Until scaled to mass production at competitive price, it's still vaporware
  17. Suskis

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    I was thinking about the bed tailgate: as we have seen, it is made of 3 telescopic parts, all of the same steel. This means that they are 5, maybe 6 layers of 3mm 300? stainless steel. I wonder what kind of bulletts can be stopped by this layered wall? I mean: in a car pursuit where guns are...
  18. Suskis

    Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising

    if you buy shitty EVs in the beginning, it's obvious you are going to miss a normal car. Plus, if you don't buy a Tesla you are missing the Supercharger network, thus increasing range anxiety. All in all, it's customers'fault for not buying a Tesla. I think that no more than 1% of people would...
  19. Suskis

    Tailosive EV: "Why I'm Worried About the Cybertruck"

    the lack of batteries could have only a victim in Tesla production line: the Semi. A Semi eats up so many batteries that Tesla could just scrap the project and focus on cars only (if I recall correctly, you can power 8 Model Y with 1 Semi's batteries alone). the CT is going to be extremely...