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  1. Tesla Battery Day (Predictions anyone?)

    Updates on the million mile battery and higher energy density Maxwell had the ability to reach 300 or 350 w/kg with a path to 500 in near future. another prediction is efficiently with towing. Example Tesla semi 620 mile range unloaded and 500 mile range loaded. So i am thinking that might be...
  2. Custom vanity plates - have you ordered yours yet?

    I have ordered MURICA1 for the cybertruck.
  3. Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    I go back and forth with either the cybertruck or Model S. I have a 1970 f250 I am restoring so I don’t really need two trucks. A model s would fit my families needs just fine. although, the cyber truck is 70k vs 80k model s, it is stainless steel no paint worries. It may have solar roof...
  4. Tesla Warthog

    Yup same here.
  5. How many are getting the solar option

    I want the solar option, I will take it over FSD.