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  1. Report: Cybertruck Terafactory is headed to Austin Texas!

    I see them simply tweaking an existing blueprint from Giga- to Tera-. Order the same materials as with the previous -factories (to scale), bolt down the robots and start churning the stuff out.
  2. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Yea, that's hypothetically true. The energy source will ever be free though, even if I paid for the tool that harnesses it. I am hoping that the price wouldn't be too steep as well, given recent advancements and how increasingly cheaper photovoltaic cells have become.
  3. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Certainly, off-roading may not be a need for a lot of CT buyers anyway, hence, away with AWD. I agree, soak up the sun and perpetually power up instead!
  4. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

  5. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Vandals would have to bring something close to a sledgehammer in order to get my attention (and good luck with your swing!). As for the rest petty keying vandals, be my guest! While on the topic, let this serve as my official notice to the other careless road users and reckless drivers whose...
  6. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Sweet! My CT would be the first vehicle ever that I would own and not worry about the sun licking my paint ;)
  7. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    Exactly, I drive 37 miles a day. I don't know about anybody else, but being able to harvest (even if as little as) 40% of the energy for my daily commute from a FREE source (and all I need to do for the FREE is to just exist!) would keep a permanent grin on my face :).
  8. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

  9. I want to change the Motor Option, will it send me back in the queue?

    Definitely not, as alluded to by earlier respondents, you keep your Reservation Number. Hence your place in the queue.
  10. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    I personally would swap a moon/sunroof for an all solar cap. I know, some would say that may look ugly, but, think of the joy of gaining miles on a long trip or not losing charge while parked at work? Besides, I can bet any dollar on the likelihood of Tesla creating an aesthetically easy on the...