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  1. Washable floor?

    I have seen people not trust a salesman/contractor because they drove a 'junky' vehicle, since they do not make enough money to afford a nicer vehicle, so they must not be good. Was not my thinking, but it does happen.
  2. Lots of potential for Cybertruck aftermarket

    I mean, just thinking about it, with the angular design, I would probably make it out of square tube of stainless steel. Oh, look, you can buy 304 Stainless Steel square tube. I have been to a place that makes bumpers for Jeeps and other offroad vehicles. I could easily see them, with a few...
  3. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    I think at the rear right side of the bed is a small door to access the electrical connection. I also think the air connections are at the rear left in the bed, but I do not have any proof, I just have this vague memory... maybe the early access article?
  4. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    Many vehicles have had passthrus... I would assume it is like most devices, like automatic windows that stop after detecting a certain amount of resistance or maybe if the passthru door is open, it will not let the cover retract or extend. Not like this problem is rocket science and not like...
  5. Full size spare tire

    When offroading with people, I have seen quite a few different spare tire options for Jeeps and other rigs. I looked at reviews for many more when building my dream Wrangler and Gladiator (on paper). Getting one that will hold a 44" Nitto Grappler is not an easy feat. I have not see that...
  6. Rivian/Lincoln Partnership Cancelled - Comparing Rivian R1T to Cybertruck.

    Marketing gimmick or not, if in 8 to 10 hours of sunlight it can generate 15 miles of range (or keep any noticeable phantom drain at bay), I am willing to pay up to $2000 USD for that feature (and have factored it into my proposal for financing to my CFO, the wife).
  7. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    He is the one who pushed the biodefense mode.... which I sure wish I had now on my current car and would happily pay extra for that feature if offered as an option on the CyberTruck.
  8. Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    Trying to figure out how to do a very matte black version that you can still see details on... kind of hard! :)
  9. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    Tesla has announced they are keeping the dimensions the same, or mostly the same, and this has been discussed in many places, but since the dimensions are very similar to several available pickup trucks, I do not think its size is that big of an issue, but I do not plan on parking it in a...
  10. Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Will Cost $1k More Beginning July 1

    That industry seems to be purposefully blocked from innovation. Not sure if it is a continuation when the rail barons sucked all the profit and just costed on what they had, assuming that they would continue to make huge profits on the aging and slowly deteriorating infrastructure that was...
  11. Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Will Cost $1k More Beginning July 1

    No, not yet ridden in a Tesla. But I have ridden in several helicopters and seen what is possible with automated piloting hardware/software 20 years ago. Sure things do not advance as fast as we would like or sometimes expect, but I think automated driving is not as hard as people think it is...
  12. Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Will Cost $1k More Beginning July 1

    I do not think it has to be perfect. I do think it has to be significantly better than the average American driver before being approved to drive autonomously on the roads. With the number of Tesla vehicles on the road increasing, the data they collect is increasing. This will help accelerate...
  13. Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Will Cost $1k More Beginning July 1

    The video was from last year's autonomy day, which was... April 2019, so his timeline would be by the end of 2020?
  14. Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Will Cost $1k More Beginning July 1

    Here are some videos: The Now You Know YouTube channel did a whole series about the effects it might have. But I think most of us assume that you will be able to set parameters in the Tesla app of when the car will be available and when you need it back by and with how much range.
  15. Winching...

    That is why I think it being in the frunk with a 'port' with rollers to allowing winching like any other front mounted winch. Seems to be a good place for it? I could also see mounting one in the rear cargo area under the bed/deck.
  16. Washable floor?

    If there is a cost savings, many fleet vehicles would be ordered with the rough and tumble interior... Unless they are like contractor salesman cars, then they will have the luxury interior.
  17. Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    Even my Leaf, plugged into a 110 socket, can get that charge in 8-12 hours, so I would not be worried about it.
  18. Washable floor?

    Or, if it is not standard, have a 'rough and tumble' interior, and a 'luxury' interior and let the person ordering decide. I can see some marine grade fabric and foam for the seats, sealed dash and connectors, as well as sealed computer in the rough and tumble interior that will not care if...
  19. Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    How far will you drive, on average, in a day? That will determine if in an 8 to 12 hour period you can charge back your average daily use.