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  1. Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    The design looks like corona virus.
  2. Check Out Our Tesla Cybertruck Landing Page Concept

    Nice. First frame looks like exhaust under rear wheels. Needs a tuneup? But then I saw it was only dust.
  3. Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    600 emery cloth then jewelers rouge, a lot of time, and you can get a mirror finish on that baby. Looking forward to seeing that.
  4. Cybertruck battery size estimate

    I recently bought rechargeable lithium flashlights from China, of course, and they come with a new battery size. Called 18650, they are bigger than a AA, smaller than a C size battery. Are these the same cells that are made in a Tesla battery? Would a Tesla battery, disassembled, run my...
  5. Clear look at Cybertruck touchscreen display UI showing functions and features

    I would like to know more about the energy monitoring. I expect some battery monitoring functions. Total miles per KWH? Miles to go before battery dies? Total KWH consumption to date? Efficiency of usage with respect to acceleration and braking? Regenerative options? How about a scorecard so...
  6. Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    Not so many nuts and bolts in this truck, compared to all of the older ones. But is it SAE or metric? I suspect metric.
  7. Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Anyone ready to guess the type of 300 type stainless steel it is made of? I bet that information is available somewhere because it is in their rocket too. There are 5 or 6 common types of stainless in this class of metals. The type used is advertised as 30x with the x being the hidden number...
  8. Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    Replacing TWO vehicles. A Ford F350 and a diesel VW bug. Why keep an ICE when electricity is cheaper and cleaner?
  9. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    My number is 303,4xx. I had to take a couple of days to convince my wife. Now she is a true believer. I hope I will prove to be patient too.
  10. Bed mounting technology

    Anyone want to help explain what the “T” system in the bed is. What accessories go with that? Just eye bolts and ratchet straps, or it there more to it?
  11. Snow Plow

    Stainless steel snow plows seem to be a thing around here. My nephew had one and all the big boys do too. Center pivot is the most fun type, called a V plow. Probably around $5,500 installed on a “normal” truck. I hope those clever California engineers make a provision for us North Easterners.
  12. Trailer Hookup

    Buying a Cybertruck means I get rid of both F350 and diesel VW. But also means hooking up and unhooking trailer nearly every day. A minor chore with the F350, but could be greatly improved if a hookup camera or other hookup aid included. Any hope for making this chore take less than 10 minutes?
  13. Snow Plow

    I am going to need to attach a snow plow. Stainless steel, of course, V plow. Do you think this will be a one-off or standard procedure?
  14. Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Is the stainless ferromagnetic? I operate a traveling billboard, sort of, and wonder if magnetic signs will stick.
  15. Ferromagnetic?

    Is the stainless sides capable of attaching magnetic signs? Do we have to paint our messages on the truck?