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    Name your Cybertruck

    FINALLY (long story), it's DONE. See Avatar/image.
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    Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    I answered "Yes" to the poll, but that's a little misleading. I used to tell people we have "two-and-two-half" vehicles for two adults. {We still have the two "half" vehicles, but we've lost a hole-numbered car.} As for the first "half" vehicle: I own a 1973 Chevy Suburban, with around...
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    Name your Cybertruck

    I thought of that, but one would have to get the entire text to fit on the TOP of the frame (versus top & bottom) in order for it to make sense.
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    Musk: Cybertruck dimensions (width + length) can be reduced without losing utility or aesthetics

    **Does anyone know where one can turn to get "official" dimensions for trucks in years gone by?** My CyberTruck will replace both a daily driver I.C.E. crossover _AND_ my "Garage Queen": a 1973 Chevy Suburban, C10, with the middle-level interior, the two-color paint job, 454 engine, 72K miles...
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    Name your Cybertruck

    I dunno what I will call the CyberTruck. But... I did recently have to buy new tabs for my 2015 Nissan Leaf. And... I decided to grab a certain personalized plate NOW, before someone else did. So... In a few weeks my Leaf will have the personalized plates of: "CYBRTRK" (at least for a few...