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  1. rr6013

    Battery Leak

    The principal culprit has been AGM 12v Tesla uses to keep non-battery pack essentials energized while the battery pack is at rest. That little 12v battery drains dead, that Tesla gets a flatbed ride back to Tesla for a cold boot reinstantiation of its electricals. Tesla announced AGM is...
  2. rr6013

    What's my $100 worth now?

    What price would any OEV pay right now to have 1.5 million back order log? That is the value of your $100 RN cumulative. EM would be kicking 1.5 million people in the teeth for the gift horse that is waiting in Teslas’ stables. …@rizvend you will best see what you are missing by cancelling...
  3. rr6013

    Who really wants to know what the CT final specs and features are going to be? The OEMS.

    SECOND? SpaceX informs US. Look at the scale of disruption ElonMusk’s re-use in rocketry. Only another BILLIONAIRE could self-fund a competitive product that can launch/land. How’s that going? Joyrides for millionaires…not even a bidding war/legal war can challenge early mover advantage...
  4. rr6013

    Stellantis CEO gives up against Tesla?

    That nails it! Stellantis hari-kari act poisons future sales of existing marques with zero battery technology. Hybrids have to be side-eyeing Stellantis‘ confession that OEM’s are faking it. Brands? Doomed. Models? In an ICE hyperreal cataclysm…who knows more than Stellantis, turnaround artist...
  5. rr6013

    Gigacasting Alloy patent

    (from web sources) LK:IDRA Forty-two years ago, Liu Siong Song built machines to help factories make cheap toys and watches. Then he made them for motorcycle companies. Now he helps Tesla, in the words of Elon Musk, “make full-size cars in the same way that toy cars are made.”
  6. rr6013

    Camp Mode (Tesla official video, <1min)

    What? No coffee? LOL
  7. rr6013

    Tesla popup factories to speed Cybertruck to market

    ElonMusk has eclipsed SteveJobs as the most innovative technologist to put a dent in the universe. Were SteveJobs claim to fame wholly based on “cost to produce” the iPhone would not exist, the mouse added cost to a PC and WYSIWYG would not have entailed the CPU heavy engineering that is todays...
  8. rr6013

    Tesla popup factories to speed Cybertruck to market

    A Gigahub with 1000’+ spokes. GigaTX is cornered. GigaBerlin constrained. GigaShanghai’d… But India could, AUS could and North Africa? At those scales, Tesla is needing Free-trade Zones. India is already heels down with Elon. AUSSIE’s love one-upmanship and have Li to fuel its pitch for a...
  9. rr6013

    Tesla popup factories to speed Cybertruck to market

    Yes really… And No…not saying divert away from Tesla cars to CT deliveries now. Popup points to a Tesla near(3-5yr) future where assemblies come together around the world in smaller than GIGA existing plants converted by Tesla. Cybertruck simplification points away from needing a GM-style...
  10. rr6013

    Cyberwhistle (limited edition) on Tesla Shop

    BUT will Cybertruck do anything when you whistle with that cyberwhistle?
  11. rr6013

    How much will the Cybertruck weigh?

    Major win inbound! Agreed 5,000lbs is beyond unbelievable for a ¾ ton axel rated pickup. My 2door Tahoe 4x4 is 5485lbs. It handles 8,000 lbs. without load levelers. It’s within the realm of Alien technology if Tesla delivers CT3 curb weight below-5,000 lbs. Its totally possible a lightweight...
  12. rr6013

    Elon confirms Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel and will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ (11/29/21)

    That’s the whole point of Cybertruck! If you can Dream, Cybertruck can make it.
  13. rr6013

    Tesla popup factories to speed Cybertruck to market

    Actually, pattern recognition. Tesla iterates over EV reducing process, eliminating process and simplifying cost to manufacture. Agreed pop-up is so disruptive, easy and no connection to the cost realities; say like in traditional sit down restaurant incurs over a pop-up chef launching a new...
  14. rr6013

    Nissan Reveals Full Electric Pickup Concept : Surf-Out

    Meh, rendered concepts with inspired slang models up-fronted with in your face grille and “read my ass” tells Nissan’s joke is on.
  15. rr6013

    How will I find my MY or CT.

    Sport racks, light bars, brawler bars and merch not yet imagined will have no trouble finding you! LOL
  16. rr6013

    Can Tesla vehicles see through fog using vision only? No Radar or Lidar needed.

    Cameras see in low light, at night better than human - seems like 10X. It was shocking to see at night 4k video and same scene with naked eye in Realtime. No comparison. Parallax is def. computational Alien technology - beyond human naked eye capability stuff. Fog would be mission creep for...
  17. rr6013

    Tesla factories sizes compared ... scale comparison image

    Jaw still on table from volumes in the Weir being formed for concrete pour. Lots of re-use water for landscaping? Wildlife will return, except displaced vagrants. Pet dogs gone-wild will love the new pond. Were those traffic noise-berms against the freeway? Or intended as eye-wash and shadetree...
  18. rr6013

    Can Tesla vehicles see through fog using vision only? No Radar or Lidar needed.

    Have you knowledge of Tesla R&D into camera optics, frequency mapping and computational photogrammetry?
  19. rr6013

    Tesla factories sizes compared ... scale comparison image

    That has Corp HQ written all over it! Gorgeous greenfields with natural buffer.