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  1. beeeasybro

    Tesla's NEW 4680 Battery Destroys Solid State Battery Competition - Very Good News for the CyberTruck!

    Maybe they meant Portland, Maine? which is like 600 miles... ???
  2. beeeasybro

    Luxury Camper accessory by Form Camper designed to fit Tesla Cybertruck

    No thanks, I’d rather sleep in the passenger seat...
  3. beeeasybro

    Additional seating for bed

    So... I’m in the tourism industry and was thinking when I get my hands on the CT people will want to ask me all about it and ride in it... I was thinking of doing what I do best and give a tour of my city and also explain all the cool things about Tesla and the CT in particular and charge...
  4. beeeasybro

    Israeli company unveils electric vehicle battery that can recharge in 10 minutes

    The market is changing before our eyes! I sincerely wish these guys to make it big! Many companies will start popping out of no where!
  5. beeeasybro

    Expected Mileage for CyberTruck and Model Y

    IMO the cybertruck body is the selling point for me because it is steel and won’t rust
  6. beeeasybro

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Bummer for sure but yeah gives me more time to get set and save $$ This vehicle will last a lifetime I’m pretty confident
  7. beeeasybro

    Man on bench not included

    I am just sitting, waiting and wishing!! Patiently!! I AM PATIENT YOU KNOW?? But yes I think the CT will take everyone’s attention and bring a whole new crowd of buyers!
  8. beeeasybro

    Evil plan, math is flawless

    I like humor... but according to my calculations your math is a little off. 😉 I do geometry.
  9. beeeasybro

    Sandy's rant. lol. I love this man.

    This man has a good understanding of how the world is operating! There are technologies that exist beyond our comprehension RIGHT NOW and they are kept secret because of actions like this by “government officials.” burn me, prove me wrong, don’t believe me, I don’t care anymore, I know what I...
  10. beeeasybro

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    This will just give you CT more character 😉
  11. beeeasybro

    Will RWS be standard or optional?

    I’m dreaming big tho
  12. beeeasybro

    My CT would have....

    Sounds like you want a Ford
  13. beeeasybro

    What does "Beta Phase" mean?

    I beta you’re excited for your truck!
  14. beeeasybro

    Boat Mode in China

    Maybe I’ll add an electric propeller to the hitch for a little extra push. This would be an awesome amphibious vehicle!
  15. beeeasybro

    Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    Thanks for this! I like his music!