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  1. Winching...

    I think a winch mounted something like this ( 4:00 ) is more like Tesla thinking. Fast, versatile And very effective. I especially like the idea of a double line pull for the rear, if you need get out backwards your probably very stuck. The conical fairlead looks neat too.
  2. Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    The ONLY reason I ordered was to gamble on FSD. If Cybertruck has functional FSD when it gets to Australia, it will be so valuable that even if I can’t afford to buy it outright I could sell it at significant profit, selling it cheaper than Tesla sells at full price. FSD will probably cost...
  3. Quick Cybertruck Driving Review & Impressions by Jay Leno on Podcast

    Cybertruck chat starts at 39:30 minutes
  4. Moveable Wifi camera?

    Yes and this thread isn’t about wired cameras, it’s supposed to be about wireless cameras, and how to integrate that into the UI
  5. Display / control system for truck specific features

    I think the after market would look after the bead lock wheels. I could imagine if people want hi -ift jack points they would be easily cut straight into the exoskeleton and reinforce as necessary. I do like the idea of hi-lift jack points being designed for and installed at the factory. I...
  6. Display / control system for truck specific features

    Yes, bottle jack should be fine for that purpose, but the usual use could be avoided. Each corner can be a jack in it own right. Rocks and logs as props. hi lift jacks can make a handy manual winch tho I guess.
  7. Things (possibly) not needed for overlanding with a CyberTruck

    If the air suspension can be controlled independently, we should be able to leave the high lift jack at home.
  8. Display / control system for truck specific features

    I’m hoping that the integration between the centre console and app is good. Off road the app could have quite a few good uses. Winch control RC style summon Voice over wifi Vision over wifi Suspension control Winch control and RC summon; imagine the possibilities of solo self rescue with...
  9. Solar power panels on hood and roof

    Thin film translucent solar already exists, it’s output is low and it’s expensive per kW. Ballarat University (Victoria, Australia) has a building with it installed. Could be a good idea instead of window tint if economies of scale can reduce the $/kW & kW/m2
  10. Things (possibly) not needed for overlanding with a CyberTruck

    The Cybertruck would definitely change the packing list for overlanding. With all that power available induction cooktops and beer kegs will be the norm. Not needing different fuel types, gasoline diesel and Propane is going to make life simpler. Spare parts won’t take up much room either...
  11. Solar power panels on hood and roof

    So this thread got hijacked..... Solar cell integration into the body work enables so much to the vehicle use case. I like the idea of a pop up camper in the vault so the the pop top and the bonnet could be angled to the sun for the best output. Probably not quite enough output to practically...
  12. Moveable Wifi camera?

    Yes, totally agree that having a wired in camera would of course be optimal for regular use and that is the existing solution to in car vision; but as with anything disruptive it’s the edge cases needing to be addressed. The rental box trailer being an obvious one. The purpose of this post is...
  13. Moveable Wifi camera?

    The use cases for this is probably not limited to Cybertruck. Concept. Software to integrate additional cameras to sentry suite/ visual aids. The hardware would need to provide AV over wifi Multiple fixation options User Interface/Software would need to Accept multiple feeds Selectable feeds...
  14. anyone else want a camera-less truck?

    In another forum it’s been suggested that optional wifi “puck” cameras should be able to connect through the Tesla OS. Imagine the possibilities! If you’re towing a rental box trailer put the magnetic puck in the back and you’ve got rear vision again. Rear facing baby seat? Put the puck above...
  15. anyone else want a camera-less truck?

    I hope they have an extra bumper mounted camera for off roading; being able to see directly down in front will make solo trips much easier. Knowing exactly the line to take will be particularly valuable without a spotter.
  16. Winching...

    I’ve written this in a few posts around the place. I see a few recovery options for Cybertruck. Custom wheels with stowable sheave mechanism for winch line. Use the already huge torque of the motors as the winch. Simple but not practical in every recovery situation. Hitch mounted 240v winch...
  17. Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    FSD might be up to $25k by the time Cybertruck launches. At the current price it may as well be free.
  18. Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    If you recall from many of Elon’s presentations, answers are generally much easier to find than the right question. This is the start point identifying first principles. Adjusting to market limitations is part of first principles thinking. Yes, Cybertruck is the vehicle people didn’t know they...
  19. Cybertruck Can Wade Water and Even Float For a While

    Bollinger B2 has a 10001lbs GVWR and weighs in at 5000lbs but has a payload capacity of 5201lbs. Which doesn’t add up but that’s what the website says... I think there’s a chance the Cybertruck is less than 5000lbs.