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  1. Cybertruck did NOT have windshield wipers & rear mirrors. What will it have INSTEAD?

    Snicker…..and you think a car with a $50K price tag will enjoy this shit? Just be glad it’s odd looking. And when you want to spend $100K for a car with all this laser shit….pony up. These are things that happen over time. Step by step they will get there, but it ain’t happening on Ct 1.0.
  2. 📷 Cybertruck spotted with windshield wipers, side mirrors, wheel aero covers removed, staggered wheels/tires!

    so you think the prototype should have everything that will be made to be installed before it is released? have you never seen a concept car? It’s an idea to be worked on through the manufacturing process that has much to do with government shit. Let’s just hope no one throws balls at our windows.