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  1. Revoltlution

    Rivian announces Tank Turn feature

    And off that cliff 😂
  2. Revoltlution

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    We need this! I'm not an expert, but I think a CyberVan would possibly sell better than the CyberTruck. Update: I was kindly reminded that vans will never outsell trucks :) ~285k vs ~3.1 million respectively!
  3. Revoltlution

    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    in the future of FSD, the steering wheel may begin to feel more and more... in the way. Of course, my reptilian brain say - give me my tried and true traditional stuck-in-the-mud steering-wheel.
  4. Revoltlution

    Do not like smaller, more level Cybertruck?

    as far as fitting this into a garage... I like the way the Jesse at Now You Now said it: do you need a house for your house? I get it though. It would be nice to charge it indoors. That said, I don't think I've ever seen a big mega cab (dodge/ford/chevy) pickup EVER parked in a standard...