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  1. Old Spice

    Tesla explains its Cybertruck exoskeleton steel supply strategy

    Link: Tesla explains its Cybertruck exoskeleton supply strategy October 1, 2021 Tesla has been vocal about the supply chain challenges this year due to the COVID pandemic. At the recent earnings call, Wall Street...
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    🎥 New Cybertruck video showing (removable) side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    Zooming in it looks like the LED light bar is now split into two and above the front bumper now. Tailgate brake light bar also looks thicker.
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    Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    Wonder what this means (if anything)... there's no more configurations listed and available to choose from on the Cybertruck ordering page. This is what appears now.
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    Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    Per Teslarati: The Cybertruck is now the cheapest Tesla that customers could order today Tesla tends to roll out price increases and decreases to its vehicle lineup on a rather frequent basis. Just recently, Tesla rolled out new price...
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    Rivian Charging Network begins rollout -- first chargers spotted at Moab
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    Cybertruck’s updated origami-style windshield and glass dashboard teased in patent

    Via Teslarati Elon Musk has mentioned that the Tesla Cybertruck’s production version would be extremely similar to the all-electric pickup truck’s controversial prototype from 2019. While this may largely be the case, Musk has hinted at some new features that would be included in the production...
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    Article: Tesla Cybertruck reservations top 1.2 million units

    Far from a Flop: Tesla Cybertruck orders surpass 1.2 million units August 2, 2021 Tesla Cybertruck reservations have surpassed the 1.2 million unit threshold as over 17,000 all-electric pickups were ordered...
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    Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck production (under)estimate

    Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck estimate via Teslarati - Posted on July 28, 2021 Following a blockbuster quarter that saw Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) post $1.1 billion of GAAP net income and...
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    Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    Rumor: Tesla Plans to Start Production at Giga Texas with Cybertruck Using Structural Battery Pack & 4680 Cells July 19, 2021...
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    Cybertruck UI Patent Shows Off Cool Details & Features, Including Camp Kitchen! 🍽

    Article from Tesla patent filing shows off Cybertruck UI in impressive detail May 27, 2021 Last month we got our first glimpse of the Cybertruck user interface (UI) when Tesla’s former Head of UI Design left...
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    Cybertruck Exoskeleton patent shows how it's a protection shield

    via Tesmanian Tesla Cybertruck's Exoskeleton Is a Reliable Protective Shield May 27, 2021 Tesla's origami-style Cybertruck design has a purpose and is likely to have a significant impact on its affordability. The pickup has a stainless steel alloy exoskeleton made from the same material that...
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    'Bulletproof' secret to Cybertruck windows revealed in Tesla Armor Glass patent

    Tesla Armor Glass patent reveals ‘bulletproof’ secret to Cybertruck durability from May 27, 2021 Tesla rolled out several new patents related to the Cybertruck today, one of them being the “bulletproof” Armor Glass that CEO Elon Musk talked...
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    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    via Tesla Cybertruck’s Solar Panel Tonneau Cover comes to life in new patent May 27, 2021 The Tesla Cybertruck’s many features are now appearing as patents that the automaker has submitted to the United...
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    Tesla continues saying Cybertruck first deliveries coming late 2021

    Tesla is reiterating the Cybertruck’s late 2021 initial delivery guidance May 19, 2021 It appears that Tesla is really looking to start the production of the Cybertruck later this year. In a message reaching out to Cybertruck reservation holders, the EV maker reiterated its late 2021 initial...
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    Video: Cybertruck Lowered Rear Air Suspension and Drops Tailgate Ramp @ Giga Texas

    It was back at Giga Austin for a second visit this week.
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    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    MORE: The Cybertruck is on display in NYC! @ 860 Washington Street. It's there to coincide with Elon Musk's appearance on SNL. It's there until Sunday, says Musk. Updated with street sighting videos!
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    Article: Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries This Year

    Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries this Year May 7, 2020 In 2021, Tesla has a lot to be excited about and one of those major things is Giga Texas. The progress of construction is stunning and the succession of individual parts continues to shape the huge monolithic...
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    Elon Musk Dines with SNL Team and Pays Particular Attention to Scale Cybertruck Elon Musk Dines with SNL Team in New York, Attracts Huge Crowd of Fans May 5, 2021 Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes hanged out with actors and producers of Saturday Night Live at...