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  1. 🦀 Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    If and when Tesla can't snap-sell every unit they make (because the remaining potential buyers are switching to the cheaper competition), along will come lower-cost CTs. (Could be downsized and fitted with a simpler suspension, single motor, smaller battery, traditional panel metals, ....) Well...
  2. Switching to Rivian

    Ryan, every vehicle that gets driven, no matter how simple the design and sophisticated the execution, will need parts and service . So if and when you do get your Rivian, better keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Happy (second) Anniversary of the Cybertruck reveal!

    "Your new Cybertruck, configured as you specified, is awaiting your payment and pickup at your local Tesla facility." I expect that message to arrive to my inbox shortly after I die of old age.
  4. Elon's plan to sell 10% of his shares in Tesla...

    I read in some place authoritative that Tesla makes nothing from selling cars but from offsets or permits or something of that ilk. Can somebody explain?
  5. How big of a price increase would you tolerate?

    I can't claim to have seen it but posters have mentioned seeing "subject to change" next to the original price announcement, and I'm not aware of that being contradicted. In the delay between the early predicted production date of late 2021 and the present one of late 2023, inflation would...
  6. New Battery Plant in Canada

    Good catch!
  7. New Battery Plant in Canada

    Tesla to open Canada battery equipment factory in Markham, Ontario: mayor Facility would be "first branded Tesla Canada manufacturing facility in Canada," produce manufacturing equipment for new cells Author of the article: Hyunjoo Jin, Reuters Publishing date: Nov 05, 2021 • 15 hours ago •...
  8. How big of a price increase would you tolerate?

    Just wondering why you do not believe it. Will there not be some four years between the reveal and the roll-outs, years during which most other prices have gone up? And if the prices remain original, and the early roll-outs are successful, will not some of the new owners offer theirs for...
  9. Price for dual motor CyberTruck?

    Turns out that Tesla does not convert the US price into Canadian at standard exchange rates; they apply their own formula. Also, a new federal Canadian "luxury tax" comes into effect on Jan 1, 2022. It's 20% of the amount of a list price that exceeds C$100k. Another variable is the province...
  10. Cybertruck now available in China

    Not funny at all because it would be easy to do if you don't have to observe our norms for worker and consumer protection.
  11. Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    Let's split up the duties. How about I'll hope and you pray.
  12. Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES: As in some other states, Texas has long had laws to protect car dealers by barring automakers, including Tesla, from selling directly to consumers. California, the company’s biggest market by far, has long allowed the company to sell cars directly to buyers, which lets...
  13. Is it true that Tesla cars cannot be sold in Texas now?

    "... they have no salespeople at any place I have seen." Not sure what their job title is, but from those I've talked to, they think of themselves as order-takers and question-answerers, not sales people. One volunteered to me that he doesn't make money from sales.
  14. Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    " ... not even convinced it was all that effective on ships." You're right. Crew on warships were extended-period captives on moving targets. A major purpose of the paint job was to make them think their target would be hard for the enemy to see.
  15. Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    "The clause is to protect the company if something unforeseen occurs in their COGS model. Nobody expects a company to sell at a loss. " You know the real purpose of that clause because ...? What is "COGS"? What does "sell at a loss" (or profit) mean? The operational cost to make that unit...
  16. Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    "If you already ordered one then you're locked in on old price. Any price increase will affect new orders ...." That's not how I read this: "Cybertruck’s Motor Vehicle Pre-Agreement ... the final cost ... subject to changes when the vehicle enters production."
  17. POLL: Regular Steering Wheel or Yoke?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I thought offshore vehicles came in all the same, whereas with domestics you could order various combinations of options (whatever's listed as "available"), thanks to computers on the line.
  18. Cybertruck: Light-Duty or Heavy-Duty?

    My little 1990 4-cyl Isuzu PU has six. (Try to find winter rims for that!)
  19. POLL: Regular Steering Wheel or Yoke?

    And if Tesla doesn't, some accessory maker will. And if not, one of the subscribers to this site will. And if not, someone will post what wheel to get from a salvage yard. And if not, we'll all die from Covid anyway.