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  1. TyPope

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    So, the Tri-motor should put out about 898.07 Horse Power which is all available at zero RPM basically. Should be a hoot to drive.
  2. TyPope

    Should Reservation Price Increase?

    While Tesla probably won't ever increase a deposit requirement, one way to accomplish a check on "real" deposits could be offering something of good value for less than expected price as an "option" for the CT. Lets say something like: "Reserved your CT? reserve a solar vault and roof cover...
  3. TyPope

    Should Reservation Price Increase?

    57" wide for the vault.
  4. TyPope


    Okay... I have a question for the group. The CT will have torque vectoring, right? I've been stuck in the mud a few times (once with a '65 Mustang. A pond was involved. Long story). Anyway, I was thinking about winches because, well, this is a Forum about Winching. I was also thinking how...
  5. TyPope

    Supercharger station cord length needs to be longer for Cybertruck

    Wait... People don't back into their driveways? How do you unload groceries?
  6. TyPope

    VIN Check

    And, the very day after making that, we have a VIN assigned! This was on June 1st around 10 pm. We ordered on April 20th and were expecting the process to take a few months. I noticed that there were others who also got their VIN around the same time. They ordered the same options we did...
  7. TyPope

    Where am I in the queue?

    So, Tesla is pretty random. I KNOW I'm nowhere near the front of the line for my wife's Model Y. We ordered on 4/20 of this year. Yeah, 420 of this year. I didn't realize that at the time. Anyway, we just got a VIN on her order page. So, we are going to have her car VERY soon. I don't...
  8. TyPope

    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    If there is enough wire there, sure. They can also use half slot breakers for the smaller 15 and 20 amp circuits to free up space. At least, that's what my electrician said.
  9. TyPope

    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    Not that anyone was asking but I have an electrician coming on Friday to install a 100Amp sub-panel, a single 20 Amp circuit with outlet, a Gen 3 Tesla Charger on a 60 Amp circuit, and another 60 Amp circuit that will terminate in a junction box where I'll eventually add a second Gen 3 Tesla...
  10. TyPope

    VIN Check

    While waiting on my wife's Model Y, searching your order page's source code for "5YJY" is the thing to do. You (apparently) can actually have a VIN assigned before the Tesla rep calls to set up delivery. I suppose it's just a way to get pre-excited for your delivery. Anyway, there's a bit of...
  11. TyPope

    What are the vertical lines on the inside of the Vault??

    Great explanation and pictures. A+ ! (
  12. TyPope

    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    No... The time starts when production starts. I'd guess you'd get yours in January or February of 2022. Production should start next Fall late.
  13. TyPope

    Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    Since the 3% tweet, he said that they were going to leave it the size of the prototype.
  14. TyPope

    I think I found a hidden clue on CT in Jay Leno’s Garage

    That's weird. That's the same thing I said! Must be Friday! THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!!
  15. TyPope

    I think I found a hidden clue on CT in Jay Leno’s Garage

    The Number pad on a phone has letters. Sometimes, they spell neat words. Like my bank's last 4 numbers are 2265 which can spell out "BANK". Anyway, I know everybody knows this stuff already, but now I've told you again anyway. Here's the tag numbers and the corresponding letters: 6 = MNO 3 =...
  16. TyPope

    How hot does a glass roof get?

    From what I've read, the copper infused glass for the roof blocks a lot of solar radiation and are, in fact, generally cooler than a steel roof painted. But, I don't have a Tesla yet so I don't know first hand. (Ask me again in a month and I may have a better answer!)
  17. TyPope

    Cybertruck reservations may exceed one million after Jay Leno’s TV episode

    I can already see the glare from reflections of a white dash. No thank you. If they truly do end up being white, mine will be either covered or painted by the end of the first day.
  18. TyPope


    Best guess at this point is that the Cybertruck will come with the million mile battery. There is a "Battery Day" set for some time in June that will most likely announce it. You can reserve a Cybertruck now with just $100 and lock in the price. If you change your mind, you can cancel the...
  19. TyPope

    30X stainless steel will be a challenge for insurers and body shops

    When Tesla talked about forming the body on the Cybertruck, they talked about having to grind out a V channel opposite of the external bend in order for the sheet to bend. If you print out and construct the paper model I've attached, you'll get a feel for it. Now, the doors are obviously...
  20. TyPope

    Cybertruck reservations may exceed one million after Jay Leno’s TV episode

    While the show did indeed show the Cybertruck, the show was a big letdown. The only thing I got from the show that I didn't get from the trailers was Elon standing on the vault cover... No, wait. That was in the trailer. Most. Disappointing. Leno. Drive. Ever.