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  1. Durability in a lawless society.

    TBH, i am wondering in a normal world how many will throw rocks at your windows, just to see if they can break them......
  2. This is how i want my CT dashboard

    This is from a chineese EV startup, but just look at that would be bad ass in the CT. Honestly this 48" display makes the CT 17" display look cheap.
  3. Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

  4. Make My Roof ALL Solar!

    There is transparent solar cell glass right now, Tesla should use that tech for the roof glass.
  5. Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    but apple can produce products quick enough to meet demand (even back when Jobs was first fired) Tesla cannot.
  6. Armor Glass Windshield

    Another good question will be if it does chip / spider crack after a rock....can standard window repair techniques (Like Safelite) or will there need to be something else or costly replacement.
  7. Clickbait or valid prediction? "Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Ford's Demise Towards Bankruptcy"

    Car buyers tend to be brand loyal. Also the wide adoption of electric vehicles is still a ways off (if ever) Tesla has a lot of obstacles to overcome before they can take more than a small fraction of market share from Ford. Some of the bigger ones are Price showrooms/car lots vs build to...
  8. Should Reservation Price Increase?

    here is a different about Tesla allows us to put money into our reservations and reduce the price of the truck by that amount. So lets say, for example, i put in $50 a month into the account over the next few years that's an easy down payment :)
  9. Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ I think you will find most pickup truck buyers don't by for speed, but for hauling capacity, towing capacity, and utility.
  10. Please make this a feature..... automatic vault opening on approach

    It could be quite possible to make it all 1 unit and roll from the top around the corner to the bumper, however, this would not appeal to pickup truck buyers as many of us use the tailgate for multiple purposes. IE work surface. I would also kill the built in ramp they showed during the reveal...
  11. What are the vertical lines on the inside of the Vault??

    It's possible, but it does seem a tad off in the video. Elon turns to talk to Franz starts to say something, then cut and hes holding the tailgate.
  12. Cyberquad chain drive.

    ok maybe direct drive was the improper term. But they do have the motor and a small gearbox on the same axle as the tires it drives, no drive shaft/trans combo as in ICE cars. This setup seems more like an ICE quad with a chain drive.
  13. Cyberquad chain drive.

    Anyone find it a tad off? All Tesla's are direct motor drive. Might be for center of gravity issues?
  14. What are the vertical lines on the inside of the Vault??

    Yeah i caught that too, seems they cut away and Elon was holding up the tailgate before they rolled again and he let it down but no one pushed a button. It's also possible they put some bracing under the cover so it didn't bow under Elons weight..... I am wondering, since during the reveal...
  15. Please make this a feature..... automatic vault opening on approach

    I dont see that being a hard thing to implement. After all you already have to push a button (unknown if it's electro-mechanical servo or mechanical) to release the tailgate. i have to assume since it's tied to the suspension lowering in the back that it's a servo. The only video i can find of...
  16. What are the vertical lines on the inside of the Vault??

    might be where the tailgate assembly is bolted to the exoskeleton.
  17. Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    I think it's premature to start running ads for Tesla vehicles until the production can meet and exceed the current demand. Also until they have showrooms and car lots (or start farming this out as franchises) Most car buyers don't want to order n wait for a vehicle. They go to the lot drive...
  18. Armor Glass Windshield

    as a former first responder, i am interested in how Tesla will address how to remove the windows quickly in case of emergency.
  19. Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    I hope you are correct, however Tesla's track record on releasing new vehicles on time does not make me very hopeful. I can't think of one that was released on time.
  20. Cybertruck did NOT have windshield wipers & rear mirrors. What will it have INSTEAD?

    Unfortunately that may not be an option. There are different laws in each state as to what is required mirrors on vehicles operating on public roads.