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  1. datechboss101

    Reuters: Tesla delays production of Cybertruck to early 2023

    I swear I would be an old man by the time Tesla starts production of the CT and by the time I get my CT. This does give me more time to start building my car collection and invest money to buy this vehicle in cash. However, if this delay is true, I would be now waiting for Spring 2025 instead of...
  2. datechboss101

    Cybertruck updates coming 1/26 on next Tesla earnings call

    Will this be posted on Youtube? I am interested on whether there will be another delay considering multiple Tesla Models now are delayed to next year for delivery.
  3. datechboss101

    DINO-fuel vs. Electricity analysis (from a person that drives a ton of miles)

    This year is coming to an end pretty soon. Unfortunately, like my life had suffered back in 2020 (4 car wrecks if anyone is wondering), my bank account has also took a big hit this year. Closer towards the end of the year, I should have a proper analysis of how much it cost me to drive my...
  4. datechboss101

    GM’s Mary Barra Says GM can Catch Tesla by 2025. Problem is…

    Mary Barra needs to step down. IDK what she is smoking in those closed doors, but I will not purchase any EV from GM. And sucks to say, my favorite brand is literally teaming with GM to build EVs. Its such a disappointment, hopefully they wake up and try to team up with Tesla.
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    Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    If we use the fine logic of our master, Ed Bolian, you can theoretically see a $40k CT.
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    Anybody in Tampa?

    Same here.
  7. datechboss101

    Inconsiderate drivers concentration location

    You right. That's why I got an additional 3 hours of dash cam footage yesterday of more inconsiderates. Time to make this a federal law now! Just need to have all the competition to incorporate something similar to the Tesla Cam since its definitely worth it.
  8. datechboss101

    Reservation order integrity

    I'm pretty sure this additional wait time will make people to defer to other brands. Ever since this additional wait time started, I went to a SoFlo Acura dealer and put down a deposit for a MDX Type-S. I am excited but just super tired of waiting. Hopefully, I get my CT in Q2 2023 unless they...
  9. datechboss101

    Consumer Reports: Tesla's New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit and Potential Safety Pitfalls

    I'm pretty sure you can replace the yoke, but if Tesla gave the option to negotiate on price, I would have incorporated this. At least I would have the option to add wood grain and my own customization, UNLESS Tesla makes it software locked where we can't even replace the Yoke with a traditional...
  10. datechboss101

    Consumer Reports: Tesla's New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit and Potential Safety Pitfalls

    Not a fan of the yoke either, nor am I a fan of CR at all. I'll take this article with a grain of salt. I just don't flat out trust this organization at all. Hopefully, we all can make our own decisions whenever we sit behind a Tesla with the Yoke instead of basing our decision off of some...
  11. datechboss101

    Trading in car for down payment on CT

    Trade-ins aren't worth it at all. What's worth it is insurance buyouts. That's how we sold 3 cars. But if you are wanting to sell the Tahoe, the best time to do that is right now. The used car market is very hot and of course overpriced.
  12. datechboss101

    Inconsiderate drivers concentration location

    Is it just me that I find all the horrible Karens concentrated in Orange County? In addition to left lane hogs & Super Ultra Mega Karens, we now have douchecanoes who thinks its ight to use freaking HIGH BEAMS @ 1:40am for 10 miles. This special karen went so far to actually attempt to blind me...
  13. datechboss101

    Tesla owner who died in crash was over legal alcohol limit

    No wonder why I was seeing signs on the turnpike saying on the lines of "Party later? Plan a sober ride home." Just another great reason for me to avoid drinks and drugs completely; people minds are absent when intaking any type of drug (that includes alcohol).
  14. datechboss101

    Evil plan, math is flawless

    Let's break this down from a guy that had 4 accidents within a year. Insurance rates will blow out the roof. Your bank account cries and gets pissed off at you for making dumb mistakes, which results in crap high insurance rates. And this is while you are at fault. Are you really expecting...
  15. datechboss101

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    Ayee! I'm not the only one driving WITH a dash camera. I am using this as a tool to show evidence to the legislature regarding this issue. ngl, I feel different when I drive a vehicle without a dash camera. This is gonna be an interesting week with a rental vehicle while my car is in the body...
  16. datechboss101

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    This incident that I originally posted way back in May was a young dude. However, the area where I live is notoriously filled with Super Ultra Mega Karens. Whenever I open the Nextdoor app, I see posts from these Super Mega Karens. So if I came out like that, well, that's why. Now why did I...
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    Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    Let's answer these three questions in order: 1) It's mostly a tow rig with the occasions being the daily driver here and there. When it's not being used as a tow rig, I will be using it as a normal truck, so that I don't ruin the interior of my MDX. 2) As I said, Florida is filled with...
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    Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    Lol. Mines in the RN113xxxxx. I got plenty of time. More than enough time tbh.
  19. datechboss101

    Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    Gave this a thought and still want the Cybertruck. I actually had a lengthy discussion with my Programming 1 professor during the Summer, and he is a truck guy. Of course, like any hard-core truck guys, he did his best to convince me why the CT was a bad idea and I should get a diesel truck...
  20. datechboss101

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    Actually, I gave this a much better time of 2 months, and now I am taking legislative action. I have messaged my representative at the state level. I laid out the issue at hand, and the possible severe consequences if it wasn't addressed. I also laid out a few resolutions to mitigate it after my...