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  1. Cybertruck updates coming 1/26 on next Tesla earnings call

    I just ordered 10 sheets of 11ga 304L 5x10', cost was $4.13/lbs or $832.61 per. Weight per sheet is 201.6 pounds. That price is twice what is was two years ago, btw. I would think that at Tesla's volume they have to be paying about half of what my little shop is paying.
  2. Fire Destroyed Ford Super Duty - Lithium Battery to Blame?

    Any idiot knows a 3500 (Ford, Ram, Chevy/GMC) is not lithium battery powered. We don't need to do to Ford what they do to Tesla. We're above that I hope.
  3. Driving in Snow

    It's all about the tires. My crappy little TDI Jetta that I put 600k miles on would go anywhere with good quality snow tires. Narrow tires, front wheel drive, open diff, no traction control, no problems. Keep the momentum up, pick your line, hammer down. AWD and 4WD with snow tires is all...
  4. Cybertruck drives into Tesla design studio

    There's a second CT inside the building. I think this is the first time we've seen two CT's in the same place.
  5. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    LOL! I bet 3/4 of the Alta owners I know placed an order for this bike! And I haven't even gotten to the Alta forum to read up on it there! I'm sure the CT has one 220vac outlet, But you can charge one at 110vac and the other at 220 and swap plugs as needed. I'm hearing that Stark has Alta...
  6. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    and I just ordered a Stark Varg. Enduro 18" wheel 80hp flavor Hand brake for rear wheel Side stand Home Delivery Estimated delivery December 26, 2022. Keeping my Alta. It's literally a work of art. And the first REAL electric motocross bike. Edit: Decided to get this for the back of the...
  7. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    Don't hesitate on an electric bike due to range. The Alta is the best, most fun dirt bike I've ever owned. Hands down. I'm pretty sure I'm buying this bike...... certainly worth the $100 for the option to get one sooner than later.
  8. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    The local Alta guys are talking about placing orders for this bike. Looks good, price is ok, too (let's see what the delivery and dealer prep fee is though). 80hp is pretty insane but at 6kw battery it's not doing a full moto in my opinion.
  9. 🎥 [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    John Deere did this with the Gator. They switched to composite beds to save time and money. This seems logical, especially when you disregard that composites warp over time and are affected by UV light. 15 years later those John Deere Gators have beds that are cracking. Guess what, you...
  10. 🎥 [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    I watched the video a few (dozen) times and noticed that the center info display is rotated towards the passenger. I also noted that the mirrors are folded in, but at the end of the driving the mirrors fold out as the CT slows down. I suppose the mirrors could be programmed to fold in at...
  11. 🎥 [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    Holy shit that wiper is fucking ugly. So much for being optimistic about the magnetic rail wiper.
  12. Tesla are they backing out of agreement to sell 2 motor cyber truck first

    Hi! Welcome to the Forum! Happy you're here.....................
  13. Switching to Rivian

  14. TSLA Stock Ticker?

    Love it! Thank you!
  15. Air Suspension as Tire Jack on your Air Suspension's Cybertruck

    Tubliss makes these for motocross bikes. I use them and love them. Looks like same but for truck tires
  16. Diess out as VW CEO. What now for VW & EVs?

    Diess will be running Giga Berlin soon......... he's no idiot.
  17. Battery supplies rolling into Texas

    That trailer is what we in the industry call a "spread axle". It has dual axles, it's just not in the picture.
  18. Towing and range issues

    We've beaten this dead horse...... 50% range hit at the speed limit would be prudent. No one knows for certain. No one has a CT. Hope this helps
  19. GM’s Mary Barra Says GM can Catch Tesla by 2025. Problem is…

    This is the same CEO who APPROVED investing $2.2 beelllllioooonnnn into Nikola. Nikola! A company with no real technology. If I was on GM's board of directors I would have called for Mary Barbra's resignation. Mary Barbra is desperate and will say anything she needs to give the directors...