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  1. Friday

    What will be the Cybertruck "wave"?

    (with FSD engaged)
  2. Friday

    Popular Mechanics: Does Anyone Even Want an Electric Car?

    The way I "sold' the CT to my Mom is: "You will never have to visit gas stations again. You will never have to schedule an oil change where they try to rip you off selling you new filters and upcharge crap again. You will leave the house everytime with a full charge in your vehicle if you...
  3. Friday

    Entrepreneur: Elon Musk Is An Awful Speaker. But Keep Listening.

    Elon is the most motivating speaker of my lifetime. He's showing me new ways to think about things and demonstrating those things in real life. I had to sit through dozens of corporate "motivational" speakers which did nothing but waste my time. They also don't motivate for free, there's...
  4. Friday

    Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    The worst water damage I've seen to pickup truck beds was water getting under the plastic bed liner and staying wet for a long time due to lack of circulation to dry out. I've seen this even with a truck with a cap on it where sideways rainstorm blew water through side seals. Rust, rot...
  5. Friday

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    Let's not miss the $10K upcharge on a $25K vehicle.
  6. Friday

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    I saw this at a car show about a month ago. The affordable Ford Maverick, :cautious:
  7. Friday

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    It's widespread.
  8. Friday

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    Isn't this a great example of the quality of the traditional Dealership network? Always consumer focused, right? Gov't protecting us from "direct sales" of autos. Another reason the BIG3 are doomed.
  9. Friday

    Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall EV stores

    Visited a mall today for only 1 reason, to peruse the Tesla, Lucid, Polestar (future) storefronts. Saw a white Polestar next to us in traffic near the mall. For some reason it reminds me of a Buick sedan, especially in the taillights. Tesla store had no vehicles on floor. Talked to rep about...
  10. Friday

    Tesla taxi Paris crash: driver claims he pressed the brake, accelerated instead

    I'm wondering why there's been little to no updates on the Plaid S "incident" in July. Seems like there's a initial media sonic boom of ZOMG! then crickets. Like the Texas fiery crash, all kinds of "no one is driver's seat", "self-driving or autopilot" words in all the reports, but finally...
  11. Friday

    Hunting in the Cybertruck

    Besides the need to blackout, don't you think the lack of exhaust smell will be a big boon to "invisibility" to wildlife with the CT?
  12. Friday

    Not TSLA but important development: Hyundai shuts down ICE R&D engine division

    GM/Mary Barra is superseding Baghdad Bob as a reliable communicator. I'm surprised there's not a meme yet.
  13. Friday

    Not TSLA but important development: Hyundai shuts down ICE R&D engine division Motor Group, South Korea's,into an electric vehicle manufacturer.&text=The move came as the,EVs more rapidly than expected.
  14. Friday

    Hunting in the Cybertruck

    Generally, in most states, yes; *BUT* several states have disabled hunter tags that allow hunting from a motor vehicle under specific conditions. Game animals, yes; *BUT* legalized nighttime hunting is allowed for fur-bearing, predators, varmints, exotics, invasives, and other non-game animals...
  15. Friday

    Light Show (Merry Christmas from Tesla)

    Sometime in the next couple years @ Christmas:
  16. Friday

    Elon confirms Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel and will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ (11/29/21)

    I have 4 vehicles without power steering, and hand over hand is/was how we mastered "Armstrong" steering. What's old is new again. Not to mention 260 AC also...........................
  17. Friday

    Giga Texas Open House - Am I Eligible to Attend?

    I bought a Tesla decanter but put Kirkland (Costco) tequila in it. I think that shows disruptive technology support with a nod to value. I'm sure I'm qualified for an invite now.
  18. Friday

    Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    Speaking of existing, low tech, rolling door options, brush seals seem to work. Not sure if a Tesla option, but it's out there.