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  1. JJ_Tex

    What will be the Cybertruck "wave"?

    The FSD Wave:
  2. JJ_Tex

    Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot

    Autopilot gets people to click on the story. Substitute the words cruise control, traction control, lane centering, etc for autopilot and this is a non-story. Also missing is a ton of specifics, including the "high rate of speed". What was the speed limit and what was the speed of the car...
  3. JJ_Tex

    NBC announces Ford and GM promises but overlooks Cybertruck

    Wait, are you saying my 5 minutes of internet sleuthing wasn't solid research? :) You are totally right and I do not think there is some broad conspiracy, but I do think that big businesses, including the media, are intertwined and tend to stick together vs a new ousider like Tesla.
  4. JJ_Tex

    NBC announces Ford and GM promises but overlooks Cybertruck

    It is always about the $ and connections. Follow my logic: 1. NBC is owned by Comcast 2. Comcast's CEO came from the Carlyle Group (source) 3. William Kennard worked for the Carlyle Group's CEO (the one above), and is now on Ford's board of Directors. (Source) While not a huge conflict of...
  5. JJ_Tex

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️

    I see 2 use cases where the <300 mile range is a deal breaker: 1. People who tow/haul a bunch with their truck for work or fun. A 300 mile range will go way down for those in this group and I totally understand where they would not want to be at a job site, lake, mountains, etc. with no good...
  6. JJ_Tex

    Keep me excited...

    If you can get a Lightning for under $50k, I would say jump all over that. I would be leery of the price, including dealer markup, as well as the number of Pro models they will sell to non-Fleet customers. Good luck.
  7. JJ_Tex

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️

    Yep, the 300 range limit is a deal breaker and the pricing is just astronomical. I want an EV truck, but I will not be a Lightning early adopter.
  8. JJ_Tex

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️

    Not all dealers are doing the markup, but keep in mind that there will be many options with the various trim levels. I would not expect people to pay just the "Starting At" price for their trim. You truly start at the "Starting Price" and add the features you want (Upgraded tow system...
  9. JJ_Tex

    What will be your first Cybertruck Experience?

    Its in my garage as we speak. Now the Lightning will be a different story. I'm sure Tesla and Ford will be in a race to be the first to production.
  10. JJ_Tex

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    When I bought my F150 a few months ago, inventory was low and I saw several dealers with $5k markups above sticker. I noped out of there when I saw those, but I'm sure some fools paid it just like they will do with the Lightning. Seems very short-sighted by Ford and the dealers, but we will...
  11. JJ_Tex

    [Video] Finnish Man Passes on Paying $22,600 to Replace His Tesla's Battery, Blows Up Car Instead

    Anyone know where in Florida this happened? I spent all afternoon looking for Finland, FL and just cannot seem to locate it. :devilish:
  12. JJ_Tex

    Tesla taxi Paris crash: driver claims he pressed the brake, accelerated instead

    This reminds me of a kid I went to high school with. He wrecked his Ford Probe by running it into the back of another car because his "brakes failed". He was treated like the victim around school and his parents raised a huge stink with Ford. Ultimately they ended up buying their little...
  13. JJ_Tex

    Etu, Honda?

    25% of the top-selling automobiles in 2021 are sedans (Camry, Corolla, Civic, Accord, Sentra). They may not be as sexy as trucks, SUVs and crossovers, but I think it is a bit of a stretch to call them dead. Source:
  14. JJ_Tex

    What will happen to diesel powered equipment?

    I see the shift to EV happening, but it will be at a much slower pace. For personal equipment, do what makes sense for your use case. For example, I have a gas mower, electric weed eater, electric blower, and gas edger. I bought a battery edger, but that was very short-lived as it was not...
  15. JJ_Tex

    Elon Musk Named Honorary Texan Of The Year

    Cool. I bet the award comes with free Whataburger and Buc-ee's for life.
  16. JJ_Tex

    What will be your first Cybertruck Experience?

    Probably riding shotgun in my friend's CT for several years since he is way ahead of me in line.
  17. JJ_Tex

    My Christmas Wish - Will GA production start?

    Hope so, but time is ticking. I believe they would need a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) before they can begin production. You can track their applications here, just search for Harold Green Rd. on the address. Hopefully we will see a CO applied for and approved soon...
  18. JJ_Tex

    FSD Watch Out!

    I think it will take a few more years before self-driving features are safer/better than humans, but I would not see a human reacting any differently to a blacked-out truck with no lights in the middle of the road at night. Hopefully they will investigate and improve, but I wouldn't call it...
  19. JJ_Tex

    I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    It depends on the dealer. I just received an email from my dealer, basically saying to make sure your email address is updated (kinda ironic) and to keep an eye out for an email from Ford next month. I am seeing several posts on the lightning forums from people saying their dealer sent...
  20. JJ_Tex

    Factory tours for Giga Texas upon grand opening (per Elon)

    A golden ticket? I heard grandpa Joe just jumped out of bed and is ready for the Cybertruck tour.