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  1. madquadbiker

    by the time manufacturing starts

    Oh no, not again.
  2. madquadbiker

    by the time manufacturing starts

    That’s right me me me😂
  3. madquadbiker

    UK Orders

    Another Dual + FSD here, everything crossed it will be on sale here, The MY is now available to order and there are a few demo’s going around for test drives.
  4. madquadbiker

    RUMOR: Is Tesla going to buy Mercedes?

    But on a positive note, would that mean I could stick a Tesla badge on my Smart Fortwo EQ.
  5. madquadbiker

    Road chemical on camera lenses

    Once a year if I need it or not.
  6. madquadbiker

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    Could that be glass?
  7. madquadbiker

    Giga Texas to cost $10B+ by the time it is complete - says Musk

    Better not announce the final CT spec and prices until it’s finished, wouldn’t what hundreds of thousands of CT reservation holders asking for their money back. 😂
  8. madquadbiker

    Stolen Tesla Model S Leads Police On Wild Pursuit

    Only after releasing the knockout gas, wouldn’t want them getting away.
  9. madquadbiker

    Chevy Silverado EV to debut at CES

    Would be nice to be in that position.
  10. madquadbiker

    Nissan Reveals Full Electric Pickup Concept : Surf-Out

    No over heating issues here in the U.K., always bloody cold.
  11. madquadbiker

    Don’t Mess with …. Belt Buckle for Sale on Tesla’s site (Finally!)

    I wonder if the other half would appreciate opening it on Christmas morning.
  12. madquadbiker

    A snorkel attachment to the air intake to make the cybertruck amphibious?

    Could be quite lucrative with a few CT’s running a shuttle service.