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  1. CyberT

    What will be the Cybertruck "wave"?

    Since none of those will work with the Yoke. Maybe we just program a "Cyber Fart" to our external speaker and rip one as we pass by each other.
  2. CyberT

    How many shares of Tesla do you own?

    I've told this story on here before but I heard about this cool new start-up car company in 2014 after they won Motor Trend Car of the Year and Automobile Automobile of the Year. I asked my financial advisor if I should buy some shares. He said that he would advise against it. 2016 comes...
  3. CyberT

    Cybertruck updates coming 1/26 on next Tesla earnings call

    That Frank Stephenson article was from November of 2020. They are only quoting old quotes in hopes of new clicks.
  4. CyberT

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    98% of people ordering a Model Y are not going to know that there is even a difference, so point to you. Would you take a Freemont Y over an Austin Y? I personally would not. I absolutely love my Model 3 but getting a very early model, I have several paint issues. All minor in the grand scheme...
  5. CyberT

    Product Roadmap to be announced at the earnings call.

    Finally a poll with good options
  6. CyberT

    by the time manufacturing starts

    Exactly! I waited for my Model 3 for 19 months while watching production hell and delay after delay. I was so close to throwing in the towel and picking up Motor Trends car of The Year for 2017 🤣 the Chevy Bolt... Today I barely remember the agonizing wait. Thank goodness I didn't buy the car...
  7. CyberT

    Popular Mechanics: Does Anyone Even Want an Electric Car?

    My mom was in the market for a new car to replace her 10 yr old RAV4 last year. She asked what I thought about a hybrid, I told her Nope, don't waste your time with something that has 2 drive trains and to just buy a BEV and of course, I told her all about the Model Y. A month goes by and she...
  8. CyberT

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    Thats my plan for the CT
  9. CyberT

    Fords bag of tricks revealed

    I know right?!?! for $20k worth of options that truck better drive my ass home on its
  10. CyberT

    Fords bag of tricks revealed

    There is ALWAYS room for greed
  11. CyberT

    Southbound GigaPress Spotted

    99.8% of people will not know where their Model Y is coming from but for Tesla nerds like us we can find out quickly as soon as a VIN is issued.
  12. CyberT

    Southbound GigaPress Spotted

    Yep, Crazy talk. God, I need to step away from the computer. My rational Mind is deteriorating
  13. CyberT

    Southbound GigaPress Spotted

    Or............ Go with me on this We all know there will be a clear difference between Freemont and Austin Model Y's Front/Rear Castings, 4680s, Structural battery pack and World's Best Paint Shop. Question: Why would anyone ever want a Freemont Model Y? No how about the Giga Presses are...
  14. CyberT

    Southbound GigaPress Spotted

    PRIMUS SUCKS!!! Lol I couldn't resist
  15. CyberT

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    Who in their right mind will want a Model Y from Freemont when Austin Models will have front and Rear Castings (I don't believe Freemont is doing front castings, correct me if I am wrong) as well as the worlds greatest paint shop. There has been to be a way for you to request an Austin model.
  16. CyberT

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    Model Y's from Austin are supposed to be for local deliveries and the East Coast. Model Y's out of Freemont will be for the West Coast. I hope for your case that "Somewhere hot and humid " means that you will get an Austin model. Also, 4680's for a March Delivery is sketchy. I am rooting for...
  17. CyberT

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    Only $5k and 8 month sooner delivery difference right now
  18. CyberT

    Would you convert your tri motor res for a quad?

    Ditto. Plus $80k would be my limit for what I could afford, and there is no way I am passing on FSD for $7k