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  1. cyberpays

    Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    With the addition of the roll up tonneau cover there probably wont be a pass thru rear seat...anything large will have to be mounted on a rack placed on the edge of the bed....
  2. cyberpays

    KING KONG cybertruck wiper not very is how to produce the look this trucks deserves...

    Back in 1968 GM make a futuristic looking car... the 68 Corvette with disappearing wipers! I have a 69 Vett and love the way the cool narrow wiper cowl behind the back of the hood works. Its conceals the wipers until the wiper switch is turned on and the cowl comes up revealing two wipers that...
  3. cyberpays

    Nissan Reveals Full Electric Pickup Concept : Surf-Out

    better late than never I say....But what the frunk is going on with that glass oven for your feet?
  4. cyberpays

    (Probably not a) GigaPress Inbound (Nov 2021)

    Good things happen in big boxes....I am trying to think of just one vehicle with more attributes at the pricing promised....This is a big deal purchase everyone should hang in for the long run....except folks in front of me in line of course : -)
  5. cyberpays

    Cybertruck vs R1T vs F150 Lightning : Ben Sullins' thoughts after riding in each

    Pardon the pun.....Ben there, done that, time for new innovation along with air ride for comfort and hauling....yeah!
  6. cyberpays

    Cybertruck Production Delayed to 2022

    I hope the configuration process is a open pick of what you what at the time of the order being duel motor to tri-motor or vise versa?`
  7. cyberpays

    Cybertruck Windshield Glass spotted in new Tesla glass video?

    The glass is for Elon's house he is now staying in!
  8. cyberpays

    Image of new Cybertruck with a polished stainless steel finish?

    A blinder like the petrol delivery trucks rear tank oval on a bright sunny day!
  9. cyberpays

    Cybertruck Production Delayed to 2022

    Everything is sooo tight lipped at Tesla I wonder how my folks have been fired for leaking the smallest details and it got out now called rumors? Seat options will be for sure....and the kitchen/camping unit the other :) by the time we get this truck it may seem like we have it for years...
  10. cyberpays

    Tesla Cybertruck Design Patent Awarded

    The handles in the patient drawings were presented awhile ago and again tweaking the final product without the handles is still protected overall! What an amazing product this is going to be ...simple and sophisticated all in one package! It will change the way we see future trucks with crazy...
  11. cyberpays

    Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    The CT will not need paint so of course the model Y is being tested for paint calibrations. It will be a race to see who will be out the door first!
  12. cyberpays

    Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    4680 batteries and die cast front and back pieces with battery cases already tested for crash strength...passed...only hangup, as is always, is to produce enough new batteries to start production so all manu equipment is needed to be designed and installed before we can have a our CT and Ys at...
  13. cyberpays

    Of course the CT will the be first out of the Austin Gigafactory!

    The CT has a list of 1.2mm waiting for the best demand and anticipated Tesla vehicle and yeah that includes the upcoming sportcar! Does the Model Y have a backlog yes but nothing close to the CT... (its the most fascinating piece of transportation that ever existed). Let see what it can do....a...
  14. cyberpays

    Elon suggests Wi-Fi Camera link for Trailering with Cybertruck

    Nowadays Wi fi camera is a have to have while trailing with such a long combo of truck and trailer. The wi fi would be pretty easy tech add for CT. BTY... Nice Elon is staying with Tesla even though he hates the Tesla's constant required pressure. Maybe its not worth be the second riches man on...
  15. cyberpays

    I wish Musk would consider this concept

    Full screen yes as all the competition of EVs are going to....Tesla the only one I know that cuts back their cost by doing the one screen as the model 3s and Ys get more expensived to buy? Lets think about it...that big ole CT with the big ole dash could really use a full screen
  16. cyberpays

    Samsung and Tesla sign deal for Cybertruck rearview mirrors / cameras

    This will be great, again less moving parts as the adjustable mirrors. Lets hope its not set up like the Korean version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with separate little monitors on the top edge of the door skin...looks nuts! I am sure it will be a good clean look as the rest is....on another...
  17. cyberpays

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I will have 5 more grandchildren before I get mine I ordered in March this year...yikes
  18. cyberpays

    Rear Wheel Steering

    Well the yoke is on us to think any competition would have an edge on the best selling CT or best selling truck soon period. Taking away any negatives now makes sense hopefully at no additional cost...maybe its an option buy? There might be a lot of option buys before it all done....did I say...
  19. cyberpays

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T - Timing, Pricing, Range, Performance Comparison

    cybertruck orders are now more of a priority do to Ford e truck orders taking off! 2021 for sure now!