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  1. Reuters: Tesla delays production of Cybertruck to early 2023

    Zero for the next year or two.
  2. Elon: The most important Tesla product this year is............

    And that was news to you? Really??? I did get a laugh out of autonomous driving "this year".
  3. Will the Cybertruck start as a 2025 Model?

    As was already known- Musk announced "hopefully next year"- 2023. So hopefully still on track for CT to start as a 2024 Model. Of course he wasn't definitive on start date so we still can't rule out CT starting as a 2025 Model. I'm sorry if my rational thinking clashes with the general...
  4. Rumor: Cybertruck Gigapress set to begin operating next month!

    Again hopefully next year- 2023 as 2024 Model. But don't rule out 2024 as 2025 Model. Nothing new.
  5. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! 📸 [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    Camera angles make it hard to know. However this does look roughly 5% smaller overall. I'm fin with that.
  6. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! 📸 [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    No sales within 1 year. But at 20K at least you have a shot at getting a CT in 2-2.5 years.
  7. Will the Cybertruck start as a 2025 Model?

    It was pretty clear from the beginning that the Cybertruck was never going to be produced in 2021. For the last 6 months 2022 looks like a no go as well. While mid to late 2023 is possible, there are always unexpected problems that can arise. Given Cybertruck is an unprecedented vehicle it's...
  8. What we 100% know about the Cybertruck

    Exactly! Our preorders don't guarantee the Cybertruck will be produced or what price it will be if it is produced. It certainly doesn't guarantee when it will be produced. Having said that there was zero chance since introduction that it would be produced in any meaningful numbers in 2021. Clear...
  9. Reuters: Tesla delays production of Cybertruck to early 2023

    No Kidding! CT never had any chance at production in 2021. Even getting a few out in 2022 always seemed doubtful. In an interview a couple months ago Musk all but confirmed this when he said Tesla wouldn't spend a $million per vehicle to get a new vehicle out for a deadline. You'd have to be...
  10. Car & Driver article: Tesla Cybertruck Is Delayed, and We're Not Surprised

    The only reason I ordered a Cybertruck the night it was unveiled was because I knew the 2 year time frame had zero chance of happening. Seriously what kind of fool thought they would get one in 2021? Now with preorders at around 27,000 it looks like it could be 2024 until I get one. I'll be...
  11. Re sale moratorium - down payments

    It'll cost you at least $20K more retail if your down the list a 300,000 +. And then you'll wait several extra years as well.
  12. Re sale moratorium - down payments

    I'd accuse you of smoking some very potent stuff but that's not legal I Utah. First off relax, unless you purchase an used CT you aren't getting one in the next 5 years. CT will not ramp up in 2022- it was never going to happen due to price and supply of batteries. We will get few if any CTs...
  13. Ordered a Silverado EV

    Right when orders opened I looked at placing an order. While the $105K ($112k out the door before dealer markup) First Edition probable will be sold before the CT, I doubt I'd get a lower price model much before the CT. My preorders are around 27,000. Now if you're preorder is 400,000...
  14. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    If you missed it Tesla briefly said CT production was pushed back to 2022. That however was quickly dropped. Now 2023 at the earliest for low volume production.
  15. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    What are you smoking? There won't be a 100K CT on the road before 2024. Tesla will probable get zero CT sold in 2021 unless they decide to push out a few dozen to say they did.
  16. Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    Realistically your Lightening will be 5-6 years old before your turn for a Cybertruck comes up. Keep your pre-order for the CT just in case you want a new truck then.
  17. Lightning Dealer Markups

    Less pressure change with temperatures with 100% nitrogen. However when I bothered I got 100% nitrogen free. Now I just check my tire pressure 4 time more a year.
  18. Lightning Dealer Markups

    Are you mad you didn't think of it or that you can't afford to jump the line? I ordered 1 each for my wife, son and myself. They both have no interest in any pickup truck but are free to change their mind. Believe me life is different for wealthy folks.