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  1. SARobert

    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin!

    Remember that factories for CT and 4680 aren't even finished yet. Elon gets criticism for unrealistic time lines and you expect him to get into the details about production.. supply chain interruptions and inflation and ramping to production.. too many variables. You sound like teenagers...
  2. SARobert

    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    I think you're smart to wait for the earnings meeting before we get too excited.
  3. SARobert

    Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    Dual Motor Long Range for me.
  4. SARobert

    Is it true that Tesla cars cannot be sold in Texas now?

    I think the optional choice is for Tesla to open their one and only Cybertruck Texas dealership at the Austin factory. And Service Centers everywhere in Texas. Win-Win . ..
  5. SARobert

    POLL: Regular Steering Wheel or Yoke?

    Tesla will design a clamp on round wheel to fit over yoke for those unwilling to adapt to the benefits of the yoke. Removable by the next owner.
  6. SARobert


    Idea to consider.. build charging port on rear of cybertrailer so it can charge cybertruck without unhitching the cybertrailer. Only requires cybertruck with attached cybertrailer to backup to supercharger. 💡?