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    How do I retrieve my reservation number?

    Log into your Tesla account here and look at the silhouette of the Cybertruck. Right below it is the reservation number, it starts with "RN".
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    My Model 3 took a 12v smoke break

    The lead acid 12v battery in the Tesla will fail just like it does on other cars. Tesla chooses to tow the car in and replace it under warranty a lot of the time, but I see that as wasteful and time consuming. You can replace the 12v battery yourself just like in any other vehicle, even if the...
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    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Tesla has replaced the cables with bus bars (or tubes) for the thick, high voltage cables going from the charge port to the penthouse. That won't work for the wires that mice like to eat, which are the tiny wires that connect all the electronics in the vehicle together. Those wires are tiny...
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    Major mistake not including charge cables with all new vehicles!

    They can eventually stop working if the contractor inside stops working. The contractor is a relay that physically connects power from your outlet to the car's onboard charging module. Since it's electromechanical it's probably the most common wear item. However, they are designed to last...
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    Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    I wish I could go back in time, but I don't dwell on it or have strong feelings of regret. And I know that Tesla's stock performance isn't likely to repeat. But already (for me) it has outperformed other investments with just the doubling of price on my shares. I would say my level of regret...
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    Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    I bought my Tesla Model 3 LR RWD in March 2018. It cost about $51,000 and I paid it in full. I should have done a $5000 down payment (plus my $1000 early reservation payment) and financed the remaining $45,000. If I had bought $45,000 worth of Tesla stock in March 2018 it would now be worth...
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    New 4680 Model Y Charge Rate?

    From what I understood watching Sandy's video, each cooling ribbon that touches the sides of the cells had two cooling channels each. I don't think they were able to determine that one of the cooling channels went to the bottom of the cells like we all want to see.
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    So, Let's Talk About Size Again...

    I would have liked to see inboard brake rotors in the Rivian or Cybertruck, like what Bollinger did with their B1. Then they could probably enable use of almost any size wheel.
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    37” tires option would be great

    On Tesla Model 3 and Y the front suspension knuckle is what limits the overall tire diameter. On those, you cannot increase the overall tire diameter much because it will rub (unless you use spacers to make the wheel and tire stick out). On Cybertruck prototypes, the tires are 35” in diameter...
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    EV Tires?

    There are a few tires coming out that are meant specifically for EVs, but they don't compromise on the grip. They balance load capability, grip, and low rolling resistance for EVs. Michelin Pilot Sport EV and Pirelli has a few (which will be used on the Lucid Air EV...
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    Boredom made me do it. What I found out made me laugh, and it is somewhat concerning.

    "Model P" for pickup? Maybe you won't be getting Cybertruck, but another, smaller pickup truck in the future ?.
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    What happened to my reservation???

    If you are talking about the Google spreadsheet tracker, remember that it's something a person put together to try and estimate delivery dates. It's not made by nor endorsed by Tesla, and all the data in it is put in by individual users. So if your reservation does not show up, it means you...
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    FSD Transfer Confusion.

    FSD stays with the car in a private sale, just like any other option. I'm surprised that Zack and Jessie would get that wrong. I haven't seen any of their videos in a few years, but they always struck me as pretty knowledgeable about Tesla stuff. Here are 3 scenarios I know of where FSD...
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    Pull-through Supercharger, and leaving home without a safety net (charge cord)

    No, there's no setting in the Tesla to change. A Better Route Planner is what you will want to use if you want very detailed settings for planning a route.
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    Tesla driver opens fire on golf course and vehicles after parking at Catoosa OK Supercharger

    No, it's written wrong. Should be "officers" for plural. Not "officer's" for singular possessive. Either the writer of the article or the poster on this forum made the mistake, and it's quite common.
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    Model Y's coming out of Texas Giga Factory

    Perhaps they are short of some microchip or other component that the car needs to drive, and Tesla is parking them in an almost-finished state until they come in.
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    We have some definite challenges ahead.

    This video talks about EVs and electric generation, based on historical data
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    Charge me by the ton mile

    I'm in Nebraska and calculated where my break-even would be in miles driven per year between my Model 3 (flat $75 tax per year) and a fuel efficient sedan that pays tax per gallon of gas. IIRC, the break-even was around 12,000 miles per year. I drive about 20,000 miles per year. Therefore I...
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    12V electric car Cyber Truck now available

    I forgot that the police truck versions (3 different colors) are on a different link, so here you go
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    12V electric car Cyber Truck now available

    That's been available for a while on Amazon. They have a few different colors and even a police vehicle version. Here you go I would have purchased one for my nieces and nephews if they didn't already have multiple other ones. Heck, I would have likely...