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  1. Vrakpant

    Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    THIS! Hailing (pun intended) from a nordic/arctic country, six months out of the year (global warming is doing it's best though) having to dig out snow and ice out of the nooks and crannies every bloody morning before work and every bloody afternoon heading home.. IS A PAIN. If the Cybertruck...
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    4 wheel steering in action on Cybertruck at Giga Texas!

    4 wheel steering footage from Cyber Rodeo.
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    So I guess you all haven't heard. Cybertruck is cancelled. They will instead make Model P.
  4. Vrakpant

    Boredom made me do it. What I found out made me laugh, and it is somewhat concerning.

    Unfortunately that is not the exchange rate. They seem to like big round numbers so they rounded up and then up again. 100 doh-las is about 875 NOK. (some other person is watching RuPaul's drag race in this house)
  5. Vrakpant

    Boredom made me do it. What I found out made me laugh, and it is somewhat concerning.

    What I am curious about if its just "international customers" getting the model P or if american customers also has to do number one
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    Boredom made me do it. What I found out made me laugh, and it is somewhat concerning.

    So, I don't log in on my Tesla account very often. Just once in a while to make sure it is still there and that my order is still in order. So today I noticed something new (maybe it has been there all along, I do not know because I am a ditz) Inside the reservation page where your reservation...
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    Cybertruck launch delayed again - Per AutoForecast Solutions - until Oct 2023

    I guess there is news somewhat about the 9000T gigapress.. IDRA will have an open house showing it off in june. (9) IDRA GROUP | OPEN HOUSE INVITATION 2022 - 9000T #GIGAPRESS DIE CASTING MACHINE - YouTube edit: Maybe this should have been the start of a new thread.. just too lazy
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    ? [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    As a man of culture, curves has always had big appeal to me. But in this singular instance I would have to say... GET RID OF THAT RIDICULOUS CURVED WINDSHIELD. NOW! Give me some sharp angles please, that is what made the truck look cool in the first place. Tesla is starting down the path of...
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    Cyberwhistle (limited edition) on Tesla Shop

    -shakes fist at tesla shop- start shipping internationally dammit.
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    Doug DeMuro -The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    You know, the Rivian R1T seems quite impressive. Except for almost the whole thing. Why is the front of the car so massive? All of that real estate for a frunk that is too tall to get into to be very practical (reaching over to get into it = getting dirt all over yourself). Isn't some of that...
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    Here's today's $30k full-sized EV truck:

    That truck looks so familiar. Like I have seen it before... I wonder why...
  12. Vrakpant

    Anyone else concerned with people doing stupid things to test the Cybertruck?

    Thank you for nitpicking. That is all we do now trying to stay sane while waiting for updates on our truck I guess. Rephrased it, Thanks. Now why don't we mix politics in this thread as well....... :rolleyes:
  13. Vrakpant

    Anyone else concerned with people doing stupid things to test the Cybertruck?

    This is pretty funny concidering that the Cybertruck is probably going to be the most american truck currently made. (With maybe the exception of the Ford Ranger. We shall see)
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    7 reasons the Ford F-150 Lightning is a dud.

    The Ford F-150 is a yoke JOKE. Brian from My Tesla Weekend laying the smack down.
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    Travel Trailer will charge my Cybertruck

    What is with you guys across the pond and your stinky feet? xD Anywhoo apparently Circle K is the place... Circle K to start electrification in US and Canada - InsideEVs
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    Rear Wheel Steering

    So.. I guess this is bad news for anyone expecting their truck this year or maybe even next. Didnt Elon hisself say that the design of the cybertruck was finalized. In. Freaking. JANUARY..!?!? Whatever happened to: Best part is no part? The memetruck just doesnt need another gimmick imo...
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    Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    Here is a cheap induction cooktop (only one "burner" though)
  18. Vrakpant

    Elon_Musk also hopes everyone will come to China.Autonomous driving could make it easier for people to travel to China(trip with glamping)

    Option 4 is Alpha motors + heimplanet. Great cgi and lots of computer generated photos here: I like the _idea_ of an inflatable tent since the cybertruck has a onboard compressor. The execution of this one is a little weird. its fastened to the roof...