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  1. DMC-81

    CT end of life

    I tend to I keep vehicles a long time, and I expect to do the same with the CT. I'll probably replace the battery in 10 to 15 years, or whenever the range gets inconvenient.
  2. DMC-81

    CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    Agreed, the Chevy Avalanche EV , err... Silverado EV looks good. I always liked the Avalanche, and was annoyed when gm spokespersons downplayed the clearly obvious design cues between the Silverado EV and the previous Avalanche whenever they were asked about it. The batteries must weigh a lot...
  3. DMC-81

    NHTSA & DOT Want Your Thoughts On Using Cameras Instead Of Traditional Mirrors

    I'm used to traditional mirrors, but I did recently replace the rearview mirror in the DeLorean with a backup camera/dashcam incorporated into a wider rearview screen. I was impressed. It improved the blind spots significantly. The only way I realize that its not a normal mirror is that LED...
  4. DMC-81

    Tesla Killed the Side Toolbox storage at least on these prototypes

    Yeah, I know that it was a feature on the reveal prototype. It's good that it is still part of the specs. With all the talk about general inflation and material shortages/price spikes, when the final configuration is decided, I hope Tesla is keeping value as a core tenet for the Cybertruck. I...
  5. DMC-81

    Tesla Killed the Side Toolbox storage at least on these prototypes

    If the side storage makes it to production, and if this feature, the pass-through, and the 4 wheel steering will raise the price point unreasonably, I hope they are options. IMO, these are nice-to-haves. I will be looking for a dual motor truck that is at, or reasonably close to the announced...
  6. DMC-81

    “New” Cybertruck Photos with vault cover closed

    I like seeing the testing action! I hope we see more pics & video like this throughout the year. It also confirms (for me at least) that the CT does not look as attractive with light silver rims. They are akin to white socks with a dark suit (lol). Can we have somebody do forensics on the...
  7. DMC-81

    Tesla hit with $1.27M subrogation claim from State Farm in 2020 house fire

    I seriously doubt that State Farm is the only one involved in the practice of Subrogation claims. I had other insurance companies covering me, and this was their practice as well. My State Farm premiums went down by a significant percentage during Covid as people were driving less and so did...
  8. DMC-81

    Shell turned an old gas station into an EV-only charging hub with free WiFi and solar panels

    Agreed. as we go forward, if there is one or two easy-to-use adapters, then that qualifies as universality IMO. Needing to have several in order to use a myriad of plug designs across the charging network is another issue.
  9. DMC-81

    Shell turned an old gas station into an EV-only charging hub with free WiFi and solar panels

    That's a good move by Shell. I use Shell gas exclusively for my 2 cars that require 93 octane because of the quality. As the tide turns to EVs, Oil companies will be well served to first add chargers to gas stations, and then eventually, follow this approach to completely convert some locations...
  10. DMC-81

    Tesla marks 1 million 4680 batteries produced

    This is great news for Cybertruck. I remember that the ability to build the CT depended on the production and scaling of the 4680, so we can check that off the prerequisites list. I also like that there will be an adequate baseline of prior vehicles using these cells beforehand.
  11. DMC-81

    Tesla plans to buy Mercedes Benz

    Wow, this fact shows how significant Tesla has become since its founding 19 years ago and the trajectory of the EV market. They have achieved an annual production of half of the number of cars as the well established company that invented the car 136 years ago. Even more impressive is that Tesla...
  12. DMC-81

    Tesla plans to buy Mercedes Benz

    I seriously considered a Mercedes Benz and or a BMW as I'm in the luxury sedan stage in my life. I test drove a few and did a lot of research, including talking to current owners. Here's the problem with both brands as I see it. They are really nice cars, but the total cost of ownership is...
  13. DMC-81

    DeLorean EV coming?

    Yeah, I saw that teaser. Very cool. They even set up a separate company for the project and hired some C suite executives, including Joost de Vries for CEO of the new division (from Karma). Rumors are flying around about details, but I'll wait for communication from DMC. It would certainly be...
  14. DMC-81

    More FUD from CNBC

    IMO, that was a thinly disguised hit piece. The first driver was faulting a Beta system for hesitating in an 8-way intersection.... in Brooklyn NY! Lol. Meanwhile, gm only has a geo-fenced area for their version of self driving. Not sure if that system is just promised or was actually offered...
  15. DMC-81

    Tesla Quality

    As Tesla gains even more high-volume manufacturing experience, and with continued focus, I expect quality issues and reports to lessen in frequency. One example: a couple years ago, when I heard about the paint issues on the Model 3, I went into a Tesla store and examined the paint on a Model 3...
  16. DMC-81

    GM’s Super Bowl commercial, where’s Tesla’s?

    I don't watch the Superbowl, so I missed the ads. Thanks for posting it. Although I find Austin Powers movies entertaining, IMO, that gm ad was cringeworthy and didn't convey any message. {sarcasm on} Since gm is leading the transition to EV's, maybe Tesla should begin advertising to catch up...
  17. DMC-81

    Cybertruck prototype spotted again on Fremont track. (2/7/2022)

    Thanks for clarifying the better measurement system. I just hope the Cybertruck can still hold a 121.92 cm x 243.84 cm sheet of plywood in the bed. Otherwise, Tesla is going to be 1.609 km off in meeting customer expectations, and they'd risk getting the whole 8.2296 meters on the complaint front. ?
  18. DMC-81

    Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    I like the blade runner covers, and like was stated above, you can simply remove them as desired which reveals alloy rims behind them. Win win.
  19. DMC-81

    What are you going to get while you wait?

    I'll drive my 1:10 scale Cybertruck up and down the street to hold me over. Lol. Other than that, I rotate driving my vehicles to keep them fresh and moving. The average age is now 25 years, but I don't drive much, or far. I'm still committed that the Cybertruck will be my next vehicle...
  20. DMC-81

    Same old story on CT update

    John DeLorean didn't drag his feet. He worked tirelessly on the DeLorean project. The Proto-1 concept that he was sitting on in this picture had to be redesigned to make it production ready. A factory had to be built on a green field site, staff with no automotive manufacturing experience had to...