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  1. Zabhawkin

    SHUT GIGA BERLIN DOWN! Environmental group asks for Tesla Giga Berlin’s operating license to be revoked after paint leak

    But the 15,000 liters that leaked in the paint shop itself. Just think of the harm all of that slightly hazardous paint that didn't get into the water could do. /Sarcasm off
  2. Zabhawkin

    Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Cameras are not a fix all but they do work often enough. The cameras on my house have worked twice for two different neighbors. (my cameras caught thieves at their houses). In my area many of the metal scrap yards are corrupt anyways. If they think your wire is stolen they offer much less...
  3. Zabhawkin

    Ford to build 600k EV's/yr by end of next year and has 2nd EV truck in the works

    I have my doubts as well, but at least he is giving Tesla credit for being #1. Keep in mind Ford already has the capability to build a crap ton of F-150 bodies and beds as they are identical to the ICE F-150's. The only real thing that might hold them back is battery production. In 4 years I...
  4. Zabhawkin

    Cybertruck Options - When?

    We are the same way, we respect each others input, and we both essentially have veto rights (typically exercised when I am about to do something potentially stupid and expensive with the Jeep)
  5. Zabhawkin

    So, Let's Talk About Size Again...

    When I first ordered the Cybertruck I did as much of an analysis as I could including insurance, oil changes purchase price and fuel cost for up to 20 years and compared it to what we currently own. The periodic maintenance difference really adds up as well.
  6. Zabhawkin

    So, Let's Talk About Size Again...

    A little equation to calculate the equivalent to gas prices Eg = Equivalent vehicles fuel mileage rating Wh = watt hours per mile for the electric C = cost of electricity Eg * C * Wh/1000 = The equivalent price if it was gas Example Our F-150 gets an average of 16, but 22 on the highway, our...
  7. Zabhawkin

    Sway Bar, and room for Spare Tire?

    Yes they did, either the axle shaft, or the c-clip holding it in. The wheel and axle shaft came out, nothing to put the spare on, and the original tire is probably perfectly fine.
  8. Zabhawkin

    Sway Bar, and room for Spare Tire?

    And seen this one done, as well as a couple of variations of it due to a broken c-clip in the differential.
  9. Zabhawkin

    Sway Bar, and room for Spare Tire?

    A group of us did something similar on the trail. Fishing line and a needle to sew a sidewall, then shoved a bunch of plugs between the stitches and covered with a fair amount of duct tape. If worked well enough to get to the trail head.
  10. Zabhawkin

    New 4680 Model Y Charge Rate?

    Its discussed at 7:00-9:00, but looks like I am wrong about the cooling from the bottom. These cells must run massively cooler.
  11. Zabhawkin

    Cybertruck's folding mid gate and roll-down rear window confirmed!

    Oh it better not be, plastic doesn't last too long out here especially under use. Most likely its a spray in bed liner over steel.
  12. Zabhawkin

    New 4680 Model Y Charge Rate?

    As far as the cooling it was expected, especially when Sandy Munroe confirmed cooling strips under the negative side of the cells. (Electrons flowing from the cells also carries heat with them) I expected the increase in charging capability as a result but previously didn't know how much it...
  13. Zabhawkin

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Shortly after we got the Jeep a guy I was working with asked how I got mud off of it. I told him I waited for it to dry then took a rubber mallet to it. He looked at me in shock, he was asking because his daughter had gotten his new Cadillac stuck the night before, I didn't realize he was...
  14. Zabhawkin

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    When we are out on the back roads you cant always park flat and level. as to the avatar, we drove over the rock for the fun of it.
  15. Zabhawkin

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    I see one potential flaw... What if i am parked on a sideways slope there didn't appear to be much to grab on to. <<--- for example
  16. Zabhawkin

    Roof marker light

    All 5 of the yellow marker lights are in the roof bar, in the back they are at the top of the tailgate and just below it. The 3 toward the center are the identification lamps (I'm a big heavy vehicle) the two at the edges are the clearance lamps and are "one on each side to indicate overall...
  17. Zabhawkin

    Roof marker light

    So I have been hearing all kinds of reasons the Cybertruck requires the roof marker lights, typically if it's over 80 inches wide. But that left me confused because there are several vehicles wider than 80 inches that don't have them. No one linked to the actual rules and left stuff out. It...
  18. Zabhawkin

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Looks like hook, or d-ring mount plates to me.
  19. Zabhawkin

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    On Jeeps those look like mounts for d-ring mounts, or hook mounts
  20. Zabhawkin

    NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    Pretty sure its a regular semi, I have only seen the new simi with super singles that one has duals. Though I don't see any sign of stacks so I could be wrong.