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  1. ReddykwRun

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    Wall Connector already installed, easy peezee. DIY. Applied it to last years taxes. BTW the charger is in the vehicle and the wall connector just "connects" you to the juice.
  2. ReddykwRun

    TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    No, you would have to disassemble it completely and reassemble it every time you changed your location and that is going to get real old real quick. It would be best to place it in a secure electrical service box or better yet get an RV electrical outlet or pedestal like you see in a campground.
  3. ReddykwRun

    Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    1st order as my daily driver, 2nd one to rent out.
  4. ReddykwRun

    Travel while towing.

    I hear your plight, and its extremely frustrating because the pull-thru superchargers have been installed in many locations throughout Europe and its a proven method of placement just like our gas pumps. Imagine having to back up to a gas pump to fill up, yea, like a fart in church, not. Get...
  5. ReddykwRun

    Elon buys Twitter

    Wish Elon could do the same with this site for the same reasons.
  6. ReddykwRun

    Elon buys Twitter

    Wish Elon could do the same with this site for the same reasons.
  7. ReddykwRun

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Tell me it ain't so. I thought the locals had 1st pick. Sorry, hope you make the cut, pictures please.
  8. ReddykwRun

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Joe Tegtmeyer and Jeff Roberts have definitely earned their passage, looking forward to a great video the day afterwards.
  9. ReddykwRun

    Really wish a 4WD CT with LFP would be an option

    Somebody say "Rivian" ? Somehow it reminds me of Atari Computers.
  10. ReddykwRun


    You lost me when you said "administration". Don't need no lousy administration, always strings attached.
  11. ReddykwRun

    Recharge information @ home?

    I pulled 6 gauge individual wire in 1" PVC conduit, much more flexible, and used a 60 AMP breaker and my neighbors Tesla Model Y charged at 48 AMPS. I am satisfied with that. Bought all my materials at Lowe's, had I used the 4 gauge wire I would of had to go to an electrical supply house which...
  12. ReddykwRun

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    We had one in the military shop I worked in, nice shiny copper screen, great for keeping those pesky killer bionic mosquitos out.
  13. ReddykwRun

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    Put my cell phone in the microwave (did not turn it on HA) called it from my land line, guess what, it rang as usual)
  14. ReddykwRun

    Starlink Lights up Ukraine Internet. (PS Does this Count as Advertising?)

    This would not have happened on the previous watch. AND IT DID NOT FOR A REASON.
  15. ReddykwRun

    Pull-through Supercharger, and leaving home without a safety net (charge cord)

    A beautiful site and the SC ain't half bad either. Thanks for the spot.
  16. ReddykwRun

    Elon Musk Asks College Kid To Remove Twitter-Bot Tracking Private Jet

    Fat chance of a jet flying VFR. It is not economical to stay below 18,000 feet. (Retired Military Aviator - used of speed most of my day above 32,000 feet turning JP-8 into noise) Going to be funny when this kid tries to buy or drive a Tesla, good opportunity for a little Karma.
  17. ReddykwRun

    The Electric Viking

    He is currently doing a road trip across Norway, real time winter driving, proving how well Tesla's perform in real winter conditions.
  18. ReddykwRun

    New Cybertruck Height Perspective Image ? ?✂️⬇️

    Four of the Best and Brightest Disrupters :) all gathered together for a group photo. Great Day for all. noun a company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation.