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  1. hridge2020

    Release the Kraken - Rivian R1S seen in the Wild

    Saw this Rivian R1S exiting the freeway onwards to the charging station. (Pismo Beach, Ca)
  2. hridge2020

    Summon Tesla hits parked 3 Million Jet

    This Tesla Model X drove itself into a Cirrus Vision Jet at what one Twitter user says was an aviation trade show. Details are scant, but the video's pretty self-explanatory: Tesla's self-driving software continues to struggle with obstacles that aren't obviously connected to the ground whether...
  3. hridge2020

    Australian scientists to power Tesla on 15,000-km trip with printed solar panels

    A group of Australian scientists is testing printed solar panels that will power a Tesla on a 15,000-kilometer road trip. Charge Around Australia (CAA), an Australian company, will power a Tesla electric car with 18 printed plastic solar panels, each 18 meters long. The panels will be rolled out...
  4. hridge2020

    The EV Charge Stations to become the Norm (Shell Steps Up with Smart Parking Barrier)

    Electric vehicles are the talk of the town, now that these cars are (almost) completely tax free in Malaysia. Sure, you still can’t buy one for the price of a Snickers bar – or, indeed, a Perodua Myvi, and you probably won’t for the foreseeable future – but you can’t deny that these cars are...
  5. hridge2020

    Sway Bar, and room for Spare Tire?

    From Giga Rodeo recent released video of CyberTruck, From the rear area of the CyberTruck, Looks Like A Rear Sway Bar for the rear suspension, And Possible room for a Spare Tire.
  6. hridge2020

    Some Tesla Intervention is requested.

    Looks like Dunkin Donuts is a favorite visiting place.
  7. hridge2020

    Where will all the New Employees At Giga Texas Plant Live?

    Tesla's new gigafactory in Texas is slated to hire 20,000 workers. But Austin is one of the most booming cities in the country, with an intense lack of housing. Where will all these new employees find a place to rest their head at night? Neu Community is a development with those employees in mind.
  8. hridge2020

    Where the GIGA Name Came from

    View video -- Came from Idra Group Source:
  9. hridge2020

    Sandy Munro Bobblehead

    Saw this, Some maybe interested.
  10. hridge2020

    Model Y's coming out of Texas Giga Factory

    Free Car Cover with every order. Must be low on Electrical Power... hmm Source
  11. hridge2020

    Space X Largest Rocket So Far

    Nasa SLS (Space Launch System) rockets configurations are still shy in lifting, height and capabilities than SpaceX Starship.
  12. hridge2020

    SpaceX satellites falling out of orbit after solar storm

    SpaceX satellites falling out of orbit after solar storm SpaceX's newest fleet of satellites is tumbling out of orbit after being struck by a solar storm CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- SpaceX’s newest fleet of satellites is tumbling out of orbit after being struck by a solar storm. Up to 40 of the 49...
  13. hridge2020

    Tesla Optimus Bot first Colony on Mars

    What The First Year In A Mars Colony Will Be Like.. The plan for Elon Musk and SpaceX is to fly 10-20 people in each Starship, but how will they live once they reach Mars? we take a look at what the first year on Mars would look like for a Mars colony.
  14. hridge2020

    Tesla cut a steering component from some cars to deal with chip shortage, sources say

    KEY POINTS Tesla excluded one of two electronic control units in the steering racks of Shanghai-built Model 3 and Model Y cars to deal with chip shortages, CNBC has learned. Sources say that tens of thousands of cars with the tweaked power steering system are already shipping to customers in...
  15. hridge2020

    Tesla/Apple engineer working with Atom Limb (Tech from Optimus Bot?)

    Seems companies with AI know-how making advance artificial limbs. (Optimus Bot offspring being developed?) Start about 1:50 in video. Atom Limbs
  16. hridge2020

    Optimus Bot Future

    I believe not only will Optimus Bot be pushing parts in the factory as stated in the January 26 quarterly audio. But its real future may be for space travel too. Seems our SciFi movies have shown there seems to be a Robot or synthetic type of Artificial intelligence also along for space...