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  1. charliemagpie

    Tesla Semi order books open in the US 'One model is priced from $US150,000 before on-road costs and has a claimed driving range of 300 miles (482km). The flagship variant is priced from $US180,000 before on-road costs and has...
  2. charliemagpie

    I think I found the Sail Pillar

    Hello… Desperate and dateless people Going through my secret photo collection for the umpteenth time, I came across this beauty : Zooming in : A. Some sort of receiver ? B. Viola, Sail Pillar ? It protrudes all the way up
  3. charliemagpie

    Space for your toolbox, TIRE and Cyberquad.....Sail pillars.

    FYI A lot has been speculated on here, …will it have a Side Sail ?, where will we put the spare ? I didn't realise it was explicitly mentioned. I have just browsed the Cybertruck Tesla page, and low and behold, it's been there all the time. (Can be missed as the page cycles to other...
  4. charliemagpie

    A snippet in the wild

    Sorry if you have seen it already, but it's my first time and I got excited ! This is the 'He Man' snippet. If there was any doubt about its appeal, these few seconds are going to make your wait feel much longer. 7 seconds, It just belongs.
  5. charliemagpie

    Cyberlandr, back to the drawing board ? Just 2 days ago, talk about raising $400 million. If this new video truly depicts the latest Cybertruck, their design is down the gurgler.