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  1. Mini2nut

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    This question is mainly for $69,990 Tri Motor reservation holders. Hypothetical question here. Some industry experts are estimating that the base Quad Motor Cybertruck may start at $89,900 + $1200 destination fee ($91,100 total). Tri Motor reservation holders, are you still in?
  2. Mini2nut

    Motor Trend comments on official Cybertruck reveal 4/7/2022

    Some thoughts from Motor Trend on the prototype Cybertruck…
  3. Mini2nut

    My Cybertruck badging prediction

    The Cybertruck will be the 1st mass produced vehicle that leaves the assembly factory with zero manufacturer or model name badging. It will be a designers dream come true. The general public will immediately recognize a Cybertruck and it’s manufacturer by its unorthodox and futuristic exterior...
  4. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck updates coming 1/26 on next Tesla earnings call

    13 days to go… Tesla Earnings call set for Wednesday, January 26th at 2:30PM Pacific/4:30PM Central/5:30PM Eastern Time.
  5. Mini2nut

    Tesla dropping Tri Motor version?

    With the fresh Quad Motor news I really don’t see a business case to sell a Tri Motor version. Tesla is clearly aiming to be best in class and thus bringing the Cybertruck upmarket. At launch I predict that Tesla will only offer two versions of the Cybertruck. The Quad Motor will have 4 wheel...
  6. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck with solar roof panel?

    I think solar panels, either standard or optional, are a strong possibility for the Cybertruck. I believe there was talk of solar strips being integrated into the retractable tonneau cover slats. I think Tesla went so far as to file a patent on this idea. While I think this is a great idea it...
  7. Mini2nut

    Tesla Cybertruck Two Years In: What's Happened Since The Debut?

    I found this article on The author chronicles the timeline from the reveal in Q4 2019 to present. Enjoy…
  8. Mini2nut

    My 2022 Cybertruck MSRP predictions. Are you sitting down?

    I have given a lot of thought as to what the new Dual Motor and Tri Motor pricing structure will be. There is NO WAY that Tesla will honor the MSRP’s that were revealed in 2019 (legally they do not have to). It was strictly a teaser price to drum up interest in the vehicle. I considered...
  9. Mini2nut

    Elon, it's finally time to release the Kraken!!!

    Elon. Now is the time!!! I know your currently tied up at Starbase BUT the one million + reservation holders have been waiting patiently since November 2019. Everyone on here is tired of speculation, rumors, guessing, etc. PLEASE reveal the production version of your awesome SS Cybertruck!!!
  10. Mini2nut

    Any other pickups considered before reserving your CT?

    I am curious if members considered any other pickup trucks, ICE or BEV, before placing a Cybertruck deposit. Here are mine in “lust factor” order; #1: Cybertruck (Dual Motor on order) #2: Rivian R1T (digging the 800HP quad motor drivetrain) #3: Ford Raptor (have wanted one since the 2nd...
  11. Mini2nut

    Will Tri Motor versions use Model S Plaid carbon wrapped rotors?

    To achieve the estimated 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds will the Tri Motor Cybertruck come equipped with the new motor that powers the Plaid? It’s a pretty amazing piece of engineering that can be carried by one person.
  12. Mini2nut

    Will RWS be standard or optional?

    Elon Tweeted last month "We’re adding rear wheel steering, so it can do tight turns & maneuver with high agility." During July's announcement that the Cybertruck will have desirable RWS it wasn't made clear if it was standard or optional feature. What do you think? If it's an option, how much...
  13. Mini2nut

    CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    With supply and demand push pricing I predict the resale value of early Cybertrucks is going to be off the charts. I think more than a few early reservations were made by speculators who plan to profit by flipping their trucks immediately after taking delivery. I think that we will see $50k Dual...
  14. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    This is great news for all Cybertruck reservation holders. I can’t wait for Elon to show off the production version (December)? It’s getting exciting! Tesla Cybertruck production edges closer as Giga Texas reportedly shifts to 24/7 construction [Video]...
  15. Mini2nut

    If a full size AND mid size Cybertruck were available, what size would you order?

    Full size or a mid size Cybertruck? The styling would be identical but the “Wolverine” mid sized truck would be more compact and easily fit inside the average US garage. Cast your vote on the upper left of the page!
  16. Mini2nut

    Curious if Tesla will use rack & pinion steering in the Cybertruck

    Tesla has traditionally used rack and pinion steering racks in all of their vehicles. I am curious if Tesla will switch to a recirculating ball steering box since the Cybertruck may be classified as a 3/4 ton truck, have an adjustable air suspension and will be off-road capable. Traditional...
  17. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck competitors in 2021

    The BEV pickup truck wars will heat up next year with 6 electric pickups hitting the streets next year. Here is the list of possible contenders for 2021; GMC Hummer EV SUT. The public reveal is coming this fall Electric Ford F-150 Rivian R1T. It has twin nostrils that only a mother could...
  18. Mini2nut

    Tesla has its own crash lab in Fremont

    I’m confident the Cybertruck will be the safest pickup truck in its class. Besides computer simulations Tesla has their own crash testing facility at Fremont to perform real world testing. 2021 will be an exciting year for reservation holders with a final design revealed, final Beta testing, a...
  19. Mini2nut

    Yamaha is developing electric motors for vehicles

    The electric powered vehicle segment is bustIng wide open with new corporations joining the party. Yamaha will soon have production ready motors for motorcyles and automobiles.
  20. Mini2nut

    Tesla just wanted a weird truck, Elon Musk says

    “We’re really, fundamentally making this truck as a North American ass-kicker, basically,” he said. “The goal is to kick the most amount of ass possible with this truck. We want it to be something you could use to tow a boat, a horse trailer, pull tree stumps out of the ground, go off-roading...