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  1. CyberGus

    Elon buys Twitter

    Not an April-Fools joke. Elon is now the largest shareholder of Twitter.
  2. CyberGus

    Teslas, Teslas everywhere

    Over the weekend, we took an hour-long drive to rural Blanco for a photo shoot at an "Old West" movie set. Here's a sample from the "jail": Anyway, as we drove I kept calling out Tesla-sightings. No more than a minute or two would pass before seeing another, even as we traveled further away...
  3. CyberGus

    CyberThings: flat is the new curved Finally! A place to put all my belt buckles, whistles, and tequila
  4. CyberGus


    I know, it sounds like a fake headline, but...
  5. CyberGus

    DeLorean EV coming?

    There were a number of EV advertisments during the Super Bowl, but there was one during the pre-game for...DeLorean? It turns out that the "DeLorean Motor Company" of Houston is now expanding into San Antonio to build a new electric model: There's an article about it here...
  6. CyberGus

    12V electric car Cyber Truck now available MX Truck Ride On Car with Remote Control, Cyber Style Pickup Truck 12V Electric Car for Kids to Drive, White wtf lol
  7. CyberGus

    Cybertruck VINs

    A vehicle's VIN serves as a serial number, but is also encoded with other information. All Teslas start with "5YJ", followed by 5 digits for model/type/class. The 10th and 11th digits are the Year and Location. Year 2022 is "N", and the Austin gigafactory will be "A". Obviously, the Year...
  8. CyberGus

    Tesla store now taking DOGE

    Yep, some select items are now priced only in $DOGE:
  9. CyberGus

    and the FUD rolls on Tesla's Cybertruck May Not Actually Happen Has Elon Musk been trolling everyone when it comes to his company's odd-looking take on an electric vehicle (EV) truck? Tesla's TSLA Cybertruck has always seemed like a bit...
  10. CyberGus

    New Year

    Happy 2022! Now where’s my damn Cybertruck
  11. CyberGus

    Manufacturing the Cybertruck... excited to see process for folding stainless body parts.

    The CT castings will need a new IDRA installed at GF Austin, but I'm most excited to see the process for folding stainless body parts. It's not a casting nor stamping. The steel sheets will be scored (laser-cut?) and folded like origami. To maintain production speed, it will require a whole...
  12. CyberGus

    Don't drink and drive

    BMW cupholder design flaw may cause airbag malfunction says class-action suit
  13. CyberGus

    What will be your first Cybertruck Experience?

    Once the Cybertruck starts shipping, do I patiently await my turn? Or do I camp out at the local Supercharger and ask for a tour? lol I might even visit a showroom and ask for a test drive. Or do I want my first time to be with my baby? Hmmm
  14. CyberGus

    I toured GF Austin from the air!

    I was on a commercial flight into the Austin airport last night, and the southbound approach provides a view of the Tesla factory. This Bigfoot-quality photo shows the illuminated windows on the horizon, with their distinctive shapes clearly visible to the naked eye. This was from the left...
  15. CyberGus

    Hertz to buy 100,000 Teslas for rental They didn't post their RN number.
  16. CyberGus

    Photos from the future!

    My Delorean is now officially FORTY YEARS old: Too bad the stainless steel exterior is ruined from all the years of exposure. oh, wait Nevermind, it looks awesome lol