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  1. 4-20 quarterly earnings call

    Might as well start rumor/expectations. 1000:1 stock split dolled out as 2:1 split every 3 months according to @Ogre ‘s dastardly plan. I am not expecting anything earth shattering but would not mind being surprised with positive news.
  2. F 150 lightning launch event 4-26 Glad to see progression
  3. Jeep Magneto will be keeping an eye on this one to see if specs and price are interesting.
  4. She’ll EV subscription plans in Germany Different article Tesla Subscriptions: Shell has an electric vehicle subscription program. Among the vehicles offered in the subscription program are Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles, including the...
  5. TSLA investing strategy with Elon’s tweets

    Step 1. Sell all stock immediately after Elon Musk sends a 4:20 tweet Step 2. Buy TSLA 5 hours after a 4:20 Tweet Step 3. Brag about your sophisticated NDA investing strategy Note: A 4:20 tweet can be sent at any time over a 24 hour period. 5 hours timer begins after market opens.
  6. GM’s Super Bowl commercial, where’s Tesla’s?

    Entertaining, light on substance. Nostalgia.
  7. Awesome DIY front center seat replacement or overpriced nightstand
  8. Told auto extended warranty never ending call I own a 2023 CT when asked make and model…

    …they hung up on me ? I am also hung up upon by the Covid Solar rebates. I believe offered by King George Bush from Nigeria. The panic on the person’s voice when I state the call is be recorded for quality assurance makes answering the phone fun. I also ask from time to time their tax ID...
  9. Starlink satellite launch

    If you have not seen this, be prepared to be sucked in for thirty minutes. Chat overlay was a bit annoying for me.
  10. FUD never rests

    Turning a fatal accident into fear pieces. Applefeed, Washington Post Opinion story
  11. Confirmed Contact regarding CT

    Confirmed contact regarding finalizing my CT with expected delivery 4/1/2022. be right back, wife calling me away…
  12. Can you customize a voice command activating FSD?

    “Jesus! Take my wheel” FSD activated. passengers are stunned
  13. Stowing cyberATV in the bed

    @ Tesla (even though there is no guarantee you will see the message) Consider making the ATV squat, handlebars rotate down so the ATV fits under tonneau cover. just a thought I think would wow the potential customers.
  14. Wilderness and fording rivers

    For those extreme wilderness adventures, do you have interest in a bolt on, easily removable pontoon device to ford rivers? Intention is for light, short term flotation. Curious if there is a market or would it be a novelty.
  15. Evil plan, math is flawless

    Buying a two motor. Tri may start production a year later. with truck purchase, get government rebate. Rounding to 10k When Tri production starts, dual get into an “unfortunate” accident. Insurance replaces vehicle, add in the second government rebate, another 10K. FREE upgrade to Tri while...
  16. Sexier when dirty

  17. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    Going to be a sticker shock with required tire size especially after no oil change costs. I turn into a crotchety old man when paying for consumables. ?
  18. 12V battery

    Had to replace my wife’s battery in her car, had unclip wiring harnesses, pop a computer off mounting bracket, and other miscellaneous junk. Hoping the CT 12v battery is not buried under a bunch of stuff. I always had a mental block changing batteries, for some reason, always considered it a...
  19. Update CT announcement when…(these are the jokes)

    …Golden Gate bridge finishes getting painted.