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  1. Beginning of Cybertruck Production Tooling @ Giga Texas?

    There appears to be second level loading docks being built at multiple areas of Giga Texas, but most notably accessing the "Cybertruck / Future Production" areas on the south side of the site. The dock on the north side appears permanent. Too early to say about the south platform access? Are we...
  2. How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Watch closely, when Elon waves his hand, it dropped the glass and popped the door. Now the white dots though, is that for override you guys think? Whats everyones thoughts I'm loving all the theory! Updated with slow motion closeup video: .
  3. Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    WOOO! They have put it up on a platform "if you touch it you're out" says security. It will be open later. Very tinted.
  4. NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    Taken earlier this AM. Very clear shot!
  5. MULTIPLE Cybertrucks on site at Giga Texas this morning for Cyber Rodeo!

    2 covered a Cybertrucks this morning store inside Giga Texas Finally a great size comparison. She’s huge y’all!
  6. BREAKING! Cybertruck Spotted On Site at Austin Giga Factory for Cyber Rodeo

    There she is! Ain't she a beaut! Cybertruck on site now in @ Giga Austin. 🤠 Youtube link so we don't roast CTO group servers. :) -Greggertruck.