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  1. Tinker71

    CT end of life

    Since the batteries are the most expensive single part of a EV many people think that when they see significant degradation that is the end of life for an EV. Because other component failures will start to fail around that time as well. I have been hoping since the beginning that 2-3 million...
  2. Tinker71

    LFP Cybertruck

    Sorry I have to do it again. With the recent announcement that Gigaaustin will produce both 2170 model Y and 4680 model Ys and that GigaBerlin will start with 2170 is clear to me Tesla might be struggling with the 4680s. They also said they won't switch Berlin over until late in the year...
  3. Tinker71

    Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    I am just curious to see how many people are going to be cashing in TSLA shares to pay for their CT? Personally, as long the price is over $1000 I will sell shares for a 50% down payment. I am a mid-comer so I am guessing I will get mine late 2024.
  4. Tinker71

    HD receivers front and rear

    Ok - these are not light and most HD trucks don't have these. The front would support a hell of a snow plow, but what about the ones in the back? I am going to guess a bolt on camper extension or roll cage rack system. That hitch looks like 1/2" wall tube steel.
  5. Tinker71

    Tesla should buy Aptera as the perfect CT companion

    I just saw the article about the Aptera getting a yoke like the Tesla. If Tesla were to purchase Aptera, the FSD and yoke would transfer straight across. The Tesla service and distribution network would also be a great synergy. With Tesla's purchasing power and newfound manufacturing...
  6. Tinker71

    65005 reasons we need the Plaid Cybertruck

    65000 people are willing to pay over $100k for a 9000# behemoth. 65001 - the CT3 is superior in almost every statistic, the quad plaid would blow the Hummer away 65002 - the CT in any form will be way more environmentally friendly. Likely 60% of the watts per mile. 65003 - the high margin...
  7. Tinker71

    Cybertruck source code

    We all read the stories about the computer sleuths finding tidbits of information on the new Tesla models or features before they roll out. If I recall there are already hints about the CT with some off-road sensors etc. What go me wondering about all this was the potential model line up for...
  8. Tinker71

    Battery Swapping - standards

    I recently bought NIO on the dip, mostly because the momentum with the battery swaps in Asia. While Tesla obviously thought hard about battery swaps and went the other way, it was a USA driven mindset. I think they made the right decision. I don't really see vehicle battery swaps...
  9. Tinker71

    CT Plaid - Interior by Mercedes

    In my Rivian price swing post I hypothesized a $130k Plaid CT Quad 4WS. I actually think Tesla could price the CT Plaid higher than the S Plaid. After all it will have the highest range and the best tech. Since Telsa "owes us" a CT3 tri motor level performance for $70-80K and there...
  10. Tinker71

    CT Use of rare earth magnets

    I always wondered why the RWD single motor CT had a range of 250 miles while the dual motor had a range of 300 miles. While the easy answer is a slightly larger battery pack, could it be that one of the motors in the CT2 is a permanent magnet motor and it is more efficient. Like Tesla does...
  11. Tinker71


    Several years ago I bought a DC powered MIG wire feed welder. I still have it. With 3 12v lead acid batteries in series I could put down a respectable amount of 1/2" fillet weld before the batteries needed charging. Pure DC can makes a very nice arc. Minus the batteries the kit...
  12. Tinker71

    Charge me by the ton mile

    STATE-BY-STATE FEES Here's a rundown of the states that currently charge electric-vehicle owners added fees, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures: California: $100 annual fee for a zero-emissions vehicle. Starting in January 2021, annual increases will be indexed to the...
  13. Tinker71

    CT mission accomplished

    I am not really saying that Tesla doesn't plan to build the CT. I am just saying that Tesla made great progress against their mission statement, simply by announcing and keeping the CT hyped up. Some of the bold claims made in 2019 (mostly price) might not be possible now but what did they...
  14. Tinker71

    Bollinger bites the dust

    Bollinger just announced they are cancelling consumer trucks and focusing on commercial trucks. They will start refunds on Monday. My quick research showed they may have had 19,000 reservations at $1000 each. I am guessing many people already got a refund, but $19,000,000 in refunds got to...
  15. Tinker71

    Would you convert your tri motor res for a quad?

    For the poll assume - the new quad has the same 500 mile range but a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds and can do a tank turn. It also includes the hard solar tonneau. Off road tires are an upgrade and you loose 50 miles of range. - Tesla maintains the existing 3 trims for close to the reservation...
  16. Tinker71

    Re sale moratorium - down payments

    Ford announced that F150 lightning owners will need to agree not to re sell their trucks for a year. Apparently they did the same thing with their Mustang GT and it held. So the WAS for the day is would Tesla do something like that? If they did, what affect would it have on converted...
  17. Tinker71

    Would you buy a 2 mm CT

    If there was a magic option to swap out the 3 mm ss for 2 mm and it saved you $3000 and you gained 20 miles of range would you take the option? This would be pretty darn durable, just would not stop bullet like the 3 mm. WAG weight savings 400 lbs.
  18. Tinker71


    Currently I would not pay $10,000 for FSD. Maybe the $8000 per my reservation, but even then I am not so sure. That said I really want auto park. Even if it is simply lining up with a stall getting out and letting the CT pull forward 25 feet. What are the odds that Tesla could make...
  19. Tinker71

    Let's talk seat construction

    It occured to me that the CT seats are more angular as evidenced by the design patent. What changes come from angularity? Are angular seats built the same? Will the foam fill the straight sections out? Might we expect something very different? Are the backs going to be hard plastic...
  20. Tinker71

    Alternate tailgate ramp design

    Personally I think Tesla is going to fight like hell to keep the CT close to performance and prices at reveal. That said some of the features are proving to be challenge at the price point. The tonneau, wiper, and tailgate, got just a little more complicated in the real world. The...