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  1. touchscreen size

  2. F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    As someone who drives a 1980s f150.... No.... Back then it was on the steering column (for automatic) or on the floor (standard which is what I have). The shifter in the 2021 f150 is more reminiscent of 2000-2010 cars (not trucks). This is probably the worst adaptation of a console shifter ever...
  3. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    No, they are just going to rent one off Turo and destroy it.
  4. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    I believe the law you are looking for states that a wheel can't stick out further than the vehicle IF it doesn't have fender flares. The cybertruck does. There may be a separate manufacturing law but doubt it. As I stated above, the reason it sticks out is because the bed is flat. If Tesla were...
  5. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    There should be no problem with the wheels. A lot of people do that to their trucks. Reducing it would cause a hump in the bed or making the whole truck wider.
  6. Would you rather have a 6th seat or 5 seats with more storage?

    The back are bench seats, the front are bucket seats.
  7. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    Not if you had 2 weeks to build it. The first prototype didn't have all the bells and whistles that the production one is supposed to. I also have a theory that only Fremont has QC issues. Last time I checked the model 3 in China was beautiful. Fremont wasn't designed by Tesla so they have to...
  8. Will I need a armoured vehicle permit for Cybertruck in British Columbia?

    You have no idea how stupid our government is.
  9. Cybertruck will make public debut at Petersen Auto Museum in LA beginning From June 20-27!

    The one on Jay Leno's Garage had a different dash so people assumed it was another prototype.
  10. Dust on Construction Sites

    Good luck getting seen!
  11. Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    It shouldn't be anymore awkward than a center console. I've used both.
  12. Dust on Construction Sites

    I'm aware that the Cybertruck will partially have bioweapon defense mode, but I'm wondering if it could help while the truck is sitting outside for 8 hours while I'm working.
  13. Dust on Construction Sites

    As long as it's less than 50 miles a day, it would be worth it to me.
  14. Dust on Construction Sites

    Will the Cybertruck have any system to combat dust from sites? We get a lot of dust in our trucks at the end of the day and was wondering if this wouldn't be a problem. Could the HVAC system help with this or perhaps the climate could circulate the air while at work without draining too much power.
  15. Is Elon being very conservative with TRI-motor 0-60 times? Is 2.5 possible?

    The product usually is better at launch but late.
  16. Possible EMP Protection

    Isn't the Cybertruck glass Thermonuclear Blast proof as well?
  17. Rear passthrough possible

    Too expensive though. I was considering a Bollinger until I saw their price.
  18. Supercharger station cord length needs to be longer for Cybertruck

    People don't back into there driveways? It ain't exactly the most difficult thing to do. Even with a trailer mentioned above, you should back in. Tesla should make an extension for their HPWC's for if it can't reach regardless of the situation.
  19. Nikola Motors Is stating that they have 5-10% higher energy density in batteries than Tesla?!

    Only 10%?! I have a prototype battery that has an energy density of 1500 w/kg, charges in negative 1 second and lasts 10 billion miles!
  20. Nikola Badger pickup

    I don't mind the competition. Hell my first choice was the Bollinger until they released the price. The problem is that hydrogen is an unproven technology that has no infrastructure, is expensive, and all around just worse than EVs. Rivian, Bollinger, and even Atlis have a better chance of...