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  1. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Hmm...(only half serious) 1. bulk stainless polish 2. A Cyberladder made by tesla in the same theme and materials to help clean the car 3. DIY Clear wrap for nose and behind rear tires. I’m assuming the 3mm SS can get marked from gravel 4. 3rd party luxury seat 5. Tesla extension cords...
  2. Dual swing tail gate and trunk

    Thats interesting...imagine if they include a really robust hvac that could “chill” the vault. You could grab refrigerated groceries, and then hit Home Depot for a while without worrying about cold things spoiling. Turn the vault into a mini fridge - actually, more like a mega fridge hah...
  3. Future parking lot dilemma. Which Cybertruck is mine?

    But seriously, with 100M parking lots in the US, I think we’re a LONG ways off from having this problem. You might see two in a single lot in a couple years, and that shouldn’t be a problem. The real near term problem is getting to the vehicle through the crowd of people checking it out (and...
  4. 3mm thick 30X stainless steel body panels / exoskeleton

    The paintless dent repair folks are going to need a new set of tools for the CT that DOES get a dent. 😁
  5. Future parking lot dilemma. Which Cybertruck is mine?

    I need that feature installed on my wife - and have it removed from me. Might as well install it on my idiot dogs too. AND the self park feature while we’re at it.
  6. Future parking lot dilemma. Which Cybertruck is mine?

    One would think if you’re ok for a short time, an extended period wouldn’t matter that much...😂 ...not that there’s anything wrong with that...
  7. Heated exoskeleton?

    it doesn’t have to melt all the ice (which would be far from a ton), just melt the connection between the ice and the steel. The ice would slide off. My Range rover has a heated windshield, and every car I’ve owned in the past 15 years has had heated mirrors. Given that the frunk lid isn’t that...
  8. Heated exoskeleton?

    I thought the issue was weight with an airplane...never thought about aerodynamics. Makes sense. But for a land vehicle, I doubt it would make a material difference in performance - going off of my 35 years of driving in Chicago winters with many vehicles that had ice frozen to the hood.
  9. Eight Foot Bed on Cybertruck

    IMO a flip stop at 8’ that secures full sheets of plywood, 2x4s, etc gives the best of both worlds. A cool feature would be lights on the top of the gate that would eliminate the need to attch red flags to materials, but in the big picture it’s also introduces something else breakable to a...
  10. Should a Shortbed Cybertruck come with a discount price ?

    I think the two most relevant variables that would answer your question are 1) does the vehicle actually cost less to produce and 2) what will the market pay? Just because you use a little less stainless steel on a smaller model doesn’t mean it’s a material cost savings to tesla. I could see...
  11. Solar power panels on hood and roof

    When I think as an amateur engineer about a problem, I try to find similar real world designs that appear to not have the problem first. Leading me to...roller coasters. They sit outside, exposed to all the dirt our cars would see. The simple tubular track plus rubber wheels work mostly...
  12. Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    Again - for the “first principles” police... Buying a first edition of a novel vehicle is already a risk. Version 2.0 will likely be better, as is usually the case with everything. Despite attempts, it’s practically impossible to design the “immaculate” car/truck that needs no improvements. I...
  13. Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    Why would anyone freak out about a ~3% change to prototype that 1) we ALL expect to change, 2) we ASSUME we know maybe 10% of what will be the actual final production details, and 3) we have a $100 refundable deposit on for delivery in 1-2 years... Many of us on the reveal thought that design...
  14. Cybertruck and Teslas will be able to talk to people if you want (preview posted by Musk)

    I’m hoping for the hal9000 voice. “Hal, open the middle garage door” “I can’t do that, Dave.”
  15. FS or FSD

    I’ve somehow wandered into the OCD grammer police room... **backs out slowly**
  16. Tesla Cybertruck: Is it daring or dumb? Design experts weigh in

    IMO... They are basically talking about aesthetics, and that the CT is scary looking and lacks finesse. No about the functionality or engineering superiority. The CT put design at the end of the priorities. They accomplished their engineering and cost management goals with geometry (triangles...
  17. Heated exoskeleton?

    Thanks for the sympathy and not rubbing the Florida life in very much. 🙂 I’m defiantly looking forward to remote hvac triggering regardless - that benefits all of us!
  18. Heated exoskeleton?

    Exactly. Don’t need it to be on all the time - just a 15-30 min run timer. For me it’d be used more in a year than fog lights, off-road mode, vault hvac, powering tools or using the on board air compressor. 🤷‍♂️
  19. Heated exoskeleton?

    For me the benefit would be twofold: 1) I park at home in a heated garage, but park during the day at a train station. If it dumps snow during the day, you could remotely initiate a body defrost on your way home to not just heat the cab, but remove all the snow in your vision field. Given the...