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  1. shocker

    Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    Same reason Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses with inadequate closet space. Form over function.
  2. shocker

    Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    A truck interior is like a mobile office to many so storage capacity and utility is a big selling point. The Ram would make any closet organizer proud. Plus I need a lockable compartment to hold some of my "tools" let us say.
  3. shocker

    Top Secret Video from Cybertruck Guy

    Re: grades of stainless steel. 301 or 302 would be logical choice for CT except Tesla is unique among automakers in doing it's own metallurgy. No surprise if 30X is the proprietary alloy from Space X - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets till the magic X ingredient runs out.
  4. shocker

    Long Range 2-motor?

    I'd love a big battery option on the dual motor. I need range much more than sub 3 sec. 0-60. TFL did a video on towing with the X. After watching that my sense is combining heavy, unaerodynamic, and distance means 150 kwh or more. Unless you want to spend your vacation time driving 20 mph...
  5. shocker

    Build Your Cybertruck With Our 3D Configurator Visualization Tool

    My area is in the midst of a 500 year flood because of a dam breach. Ultra ground (water) clearance and floats, sign me up! Somehow the camo look really works on this vehicle. I might go with the crazy dazzle scheme of WWI.
  6. shocker

    Elon Musk and Grimes welcome a baby boy

    Who names their kid X Æ A-12 ??? Why not Mars? Mars Musk, I like that.
  7. shocker

    Elon dying to make Cybertruck like yesterday! Will delivery be accelerated...

    I'm wondering about when reservation #5XXXX might get delivery. Last time I checked, Tesla hasn't decided where they are going to build the factory. I'm not inclined to wait till 2024, I'll be 70 years old then, gasp. Got a note from GMC today that while the Hummer reveal on May 20 has been...
  8. shocker

    Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    I like the look of the shrunk version better. If the interior volumes don't change, compacting the outside is absolutely a win for my purposes.
  9. shocker

    Deep Dive: Why Stainless Steel Cybertruck Construction Is Genius and Why It Will Last Forever Against Rust [Nikola Garage]

    Interesting. I'm a chemist who at times worked with radioisotopes. Tc 99 is long lived isotope, and a weak beta emitter with no gamma ray. So , at a low concentration it should be fine. If you are deeply concerned ... remember you have a lot of potassium in your body and that is radioactive too!
  10. shocker

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Off road capability - in my area it's 2 track roads through forests - lots of low lying branches and bushes to scratch regular paint. Stainless we can brush out the scratches. Has great ground clearance too
  11. shocker

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    50,110 for me. Based on orders so far looks like Tesla might need capacity for several hundred thousand per year.
  12. shocker

    Deconstructing Cybertruck’s Tooling Costs Reveal Advantages of Its Engineering/Design

    "Don't match hardnesses on mating surfaces". I would make it out of engineering polymer myself and coat or pigment to whatever color you wanted. Save some $ and weight.
  13. shocker

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    So I'm #54,210, ordered the morning (EST) after reveal. Based on Sandy Munro's video I believe it's entirely possible Tesla will tool up for 6 figure CT production.
  14. shocker

    Supercar Blondie is getting one too!

    I only buy products endorsed by pro athletes and movie stars. They are well known for spending their money wisely, so I follow their example.
  15. shocker

    Alternative C Pillar Panel Design

    I'd rather not have outsiders looking at whatever I have in the bed, oh excuse me, vault. So I'd use vinyl graphics to accentuate the triangularity of the upper structure.
  16. shocker

    Bugatti v. Tesla

    There's a Bugatti Veryon in my locality. Never titled or driven. Consider it a piece of art.
  17. shocker

    Pride. Immature and mature

    "I put a deposit down on a Cybertruck" is a great conversation starter.
  18. shocker

    Why the Cybertruck is Engineering Genius

    Yeah but can it do a tank turn?
  19. shocker

    FSD Level 5

    1 10 maybe 20. Level 5 is an extremely difficult problem, even in fair weather. MIT AI Conference