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  1. Vrakpant

    4 wheel steering in action on Cybertruck at Giga Texas!

    4 wheel steering footage from Cyber Rodeo.
  2. Vrakpant

    Boredom made me do it. What I found out made me laugh, and it is somewhat concerning.

    So, I don't log in on my Tesla account very often. Just once in a while to make sure it is still there and that my order is still in order. So today I noticed something new (maybe it has been there all along, I do not know because I am a ditz) Inside the reservation page where your reservation...
  3. Vrakpant

    7 reasons the Ford F-150 Lightning is a dud.

    The Ford F-150 is a yoke JOKE. Brian from My Tesla Weekend laying the smack down.
  4. Vrakpant

    A must watch for all Naysayers - 15 Cybertruck Myths Destroyed

    Valid points all. Especially to you Europeeans. It is NOT too big unless you are one of those weirdos that live in a city centre. (ugh :LOL:) Anyways. Underrated youtuber, check his other content out. Cheers.
  5. Vrakpant

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    To end the endless discussion. It is final. Been decided. It is over. The fat lady has sung. Read it and weep. It. So. Who's next? Maybe it is YOU cybertruckownersclub_user238394239348 asking for the umpteenth time if fsd will be cancelled if you change your order from...