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  1. Ogre

    Tesla shipping Texas made Model Y AWD to end customers

    To date shipments have been limited to employees. Tesla is now shipping the new Model Y out to end customers in the Austin area. “Accelerate your delivery” This is good. Hopefully it means production is speeding up and they are happy with battery performance!
  2. Ogre

    Tesla Resumes Shipments Out of Shanghai

    While they aren’t back to 100% production in Shanghai yet, they are producing enough to begin exports again.
  3. Ogre

    New Cybertruck Ready/ Tow friendly Supercharger spotted

    This is easily the most tow-friendly Supercharger I’ve seen. It’s not the only one, but this one is the best. Apparently it’s in Cabazon (I assum in California). Spotted on Reddit.
  4. Ogre

    Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    Musk did an interview at FT Live, a British investors news magazine. There are some Cybertruck bits I’ll try and summarize below.
  5. Ogre

    Cybertruck Doors

    Pulled this frame out of the latest Limiting Factor video (Worth a long view). Jordan was talking about how many fewer parts the Cybertruck would have versus a modern truck. Lars suggested the Cybertruck part count would be 20-30% smaller (on the earnings call), but Jordan suggests Lars was...
  6. Ogre

    2022 Shareholders Meeting announced — August 4th (Split Vote). What do you want to hear/learn?

    In almost exactly 3 months. This is when shareholders will vote on whether to expand the share count to enable a split (almost certain to pass). Tesla often combines their annual meeting with other events or announcements as well. I’d like to hear them talk about their brand new 8k Ton...
  7. Ogre

    Broken threads

    Seems like some threads are breaking. This is the most recent one. Pops up as a link in my alerts and under latest activity but clicking it goes to a dead end...
  8. Ogre

    Solving the Big Truck, Small Garage Problem

    Here is a simple pictorial guide to getting your Cybertruck into a tight garage. Taking advantage of the angled front of the truck, we can get the front end up in the air a full 4 feet. Using a little simple geometry here you can see by doing that, your truck length is now 5” shorter. If you...
  9. Ogre

    Cybertruck broke down on the way back from Texas! J/K! Spotted on flatbed.

    They had to tow it back in! Ok… apologies for misleading y’all. It didn’t break down. This guy was in Fremont, and that’s just how it was being transported. I don’t think this one was ever in Texas. We’ve seen those funky tires before. Either they traded them out or this is the 4th...
  10. Ogre

    The Best of Cyber Rodeo Coverage

    Can we bring the best pictures and the best videos and post them here? Please try to attribute photos or videos if possible. I’ll edit this post to move the most upvoted pictures and videos in this thread (Like or Love the posts). I’ll start with one picture and one video which I think deserve...
  11. Ogre

    Giga Texas/ Integrated Circuit Diagram

    Not as exciting as truck porn, but I found the factory layout bits fascinating. What is crazy about this diagram is it makes it look fairly simple, but the actual layout is 3 dimensional with portals pushing parts up and down layers as they need to. They said they were inspired by integrated...
  12. Ogre

    🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    Here is a summary of the tour by Joe Tegtmeyer. Crazy video That video… Looks more like a Bay Area Rave than a factory opening. Also, crazy that the livestream starts so late. Berlin the event was during daylight hours.
  13. Ogre

    CCS adaptor for Tesla

    One of those things I will probably pay $500 for and use twice.
  14. Ogre

    CleanTechnica — Why Tesla’s Revenue Will Pass Ford’s Within 6 Months

    Really well thought out article from CleanTechnica suggesting Teslas vehicle sales revenue will surpass Ford’s within a year. Here is the real kicker The big spike on Ford’s revenue for the previous quarter is due to their Rivian investment windfall and may cause a huge downward spike as...
  15. Ogre

    Delorean 2023 EV DeLorean announces an all new model coming. Of course the only thing left of the brand is the name and trade dress.
  16. Ogre

    The Limiting Factor talking about Battery Supply

    Jordan kicking ass again here talking about supply of raw materials for batteries and costs. Still watching this I’ll post comments on the video below as I absorb it.
  17. Ogre

    Tesla Announces Split Incoming (March 28 2022)

    Tesla announced they would be seeking approval for a split. Timing and size of the split is still in the air, but likely at least 5:1. Share price is up quite a bit already on the...
  18. Ogre

    Cyber Rodeo invites are out. Do you rate?

    Sadly… I do not rate an invite. Do you? Name makes me think maybe Cybertruck will be there.
  19. Ogre

    Musk speaking at Giga Berlin Deliveries (doubles down on CT in 2023)

    Lots of little tidbits in here. I think around 12m in he talks about their 2022/ 2023 goals and suggests again Cybertruck is coming in 2023. His comment about “hoping they have enough cells for the semi” lends a little credence to the rumors they are actually starting production with the...
  20. Ogre

    Holy Sugar, Kia is making an Electric Minitruck Hard to read the badge on the back, I think it’s called the Kia Mofugly. Very interesting to a mini truck lover like me.