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    Tesla removed from the S&P 500 ESG index

    Big boys are hurting really bad and the low punches keep coming.

    Strong Non-Tesla EV presence at the 2022 New York International Auto Show

    Wow, I must be pretty lucky then! Saw a Polestar sedan with paper plates yesterday in Savannah GA , and they didn't even make this list. Must mean there are fewer than 9 in the US? (edited for terrible grammar)

    New 4680 Model Y Charge Rate?

    How do you know this ? edit: I’ll add it sounds really legit! Not trying to cause any waves but wondering how you can always be so matter of fact? Insider?

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Just like I said, push to pop! Simple and perfect. Could even be mechanical and not electrical switch only this way…

    That wasn't Elon Musk......

    Definitely drew Tesla not Musk

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Your eye sight is much better than mine! 👀!! It appears to be a push button to me on the front and rear window pillars indicated by the white light.

    Cybertruck's folding mid gate and roll-down rear window confirmed!

    I did notice that! Haha, There is a busted off turn signal on the steering wheel column too!

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    I agree with this standpoint. In the photo of the truck apparently on the stand only, you can clearly see the airbag is not installed and it look slike the spot where the "blinker" would be is ripped off! That particular truck must be just a mule it seems.

    🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    My curiosity is running wild too just like yours as I wait for a VIN assignment. I specifically held off for almost a year to try and time my Model Y order around getting a model from the Giga Factory with 4680 cells. Novel idea right? :ROFLMAO: I'm located in state of Georgia, and ordered...
  10. SAVFPV

    🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    Thank you, anxiously waiting for this stream. Its all good news to me with a Model Y still in que and not assigned a VIN yet but due for delivery soon-ish! I made it past the Factory opening date, YES! All signs are good I hope for near term Y with 4680 and then on to CT in a year or three...
  11. SAVFPV

    Surprised no one has posted this nasty April Fools article yet. Actually got me for a second

    Oh man I’ve been weary all day long and no one has gotten me, and in a moment of weakness this leveled me with a movie-esk yell “Nooooooooo” …. Then I realized how numb I am and laughed my ass off! Well played
  12. SAVFPV

    Cool drone flythrough of Giga Berlin!

    I'll take any of that, but like to keep it custom! Haha, No. I have been very afraid of doing that so I never hand launch and always use a pre-arm switch on the TX. Your test stand and also EVTOL plane sounds super super cool and extremely interesting. I wish I was working designing something...
  13. SAVFPV

    Cool drone flythrough of Giga Berlin!

    Do it immediately and then message me about it. I love it
  14. SAVFPV

    Cool drone flythrough of Giga Berlin!

    You would be really shocked. Search YouTube for FPV Drones
  15. SAVFPV

    Cool drone flythrough of Giga Berlin!

    I am a FPV pilot and designer/builder. I have never done “cinematic” shots like this, but I appreciate how difficult it is to plan the path and make the flight while keeping nerves in check. I’ve got some pretty good flying skills but this was really ballsy, really good. The flight through the...