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  1. What's going on with Elon? $TSLA Stock will TANK tomorrow!!!

    Honestly, I find it kind of refreshing. So much of corporate America is spin, and managing optics, and saying exactly the right thing. I'll take the brilliant dork who doesn't always spin it the right way, but over delivers every time.
  2. What's going on with Elon? $TSLA Stock will TANK tomorrow!!!

    I have read about this phenomenon for years and have often wondered if maybe I'm too dumb to burn calories like that because I use my brain a lot but I'm still fat.
  3. What's going on with Elon? $TSLA Stock will TANK tomorrow!!!

    Agreed. The world won't end, but I'll be that much less optimistic. We need him to deliver on the promise of Tesla and SpaceX. I'd like to see sustainable energy take hold in my lifetime, ideally distributed, highly redundant like home solar and ubiquitous EVs, common place space travel in the...
  4. What's going on with Elon? $TSLA Stock will TANK tomorrow!!!

    I've long thought Elon needs to focus on his health. He can hire the best chefs, nutritionists, trainers etc. He should be maintaining his body in optimal health as it will support his mind. Hopefully he realizes this at some point and makes a change. He can do meetings on a treadmill, stop...
  5. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    You would think though that Tesla would take into account inflation when pricing the vehicles. Yes, perhaps they wouldn't have predicted it to be at the rate it is, but still, they should have factored in something. They could instead protect their profit margins by offering additional...
  6. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    My partner has a model 3 and almost exclusively charges it with the mobile connector. We don't own right now, we rent. We have a garage and the last thing we want to do is install a Tesla Wall Charger. I'm going to take delivery of a Model Y in a month or two and I likely won't have a way to...
  7. Tesla Insurance

    Sadly, there is little loyalty anymore. I did not want to leave Geico, been with them for 20 years, ever since I moved here. However, their prices became insane and switching to Progessive saved large sums, too large to be ignored. I should never have been so loyal.
  8. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    No... I can't justify essentially $100K on a vehicle. That's a cheap apartment. Tri is enough for me, maybe even a dual. If TSLA triples by then... maybe...
  9. VIN Assigned Model Y Order. It's not Austin. What do I do?

    Honestly, I'm almost at the point of resuming my order and getting a Fremont Y (most likely). From what I can tell, there are no Performance models out of Austin yet anyway. Last rumors I saw were it's going to be a 279 mile range variant, although that was unconfirmed. Maybe today's event will...
  10. WHOOOOA! Sandy Munro calls Tesla FSD CRAP!

    No doubt, what a treasure trove of information we’ll be able to mine. It can’t be a prerequisite for FSD though.
  11. WHOOOOA! Sandy Munro calls Tesla FSD CRAP!

    Ye Yes, I do wonder if they will always be chasing the next 9. Clearly we can drive so it should be possible, but maybe the current approach will need yet another ground up rewrite as they figure out one fundamental flaw after the other. Either way I admire their gumption and have to give...
  12. WHOOOOA! Sandy Munro calls Tesla FSD CRAP!

    This. I listen to Munro in regards to engineering, manufacturing cars but AI, neural networks etc. are not even slightly in his wheelhouse. He complained to Elon about how road markings need to be improved for FSD showing his complete lack of understanding of the approach Tesla is taking.
  13. Now You Know - Getting Salty?

    Indeed, some of the Crissa vs <deceased account name> have been epic. ?
  14. Now You Know - Getting Salty?

    Agreed they should share their opinion, I just will choose to no longer partake of their content if I find it lacks value. I regularly watch and read those I disagree with and continue to do so when they make strong arguments for their positions, show they are open minded and rational and so on...
  15. Now You Know - Getting Salty?

    Have to agree, I've nearly unsubscribed from Dillion Loomis, partially for his Libertarian stance which I struggle with sometimes, although as you said he's entitled to his opinion. I do enjoy his content much of the time. The other near dealbreaker with him is his religious views he...