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  1. stumby

    If this totaled Model 3 can still run, imagine how tough the Cybertruck will be

    I got a kick out of seeing this totaled Model 3 still running. Shows how tough the Tesla chassis and powertrain are. Imagine this paired with the Cybertruck's 30X cold-rolled stainless steel exterior and bulletproof windows. :eek: It's going to be a tank.
  2. stumby

    Factory Ladder Bed Rack For Cybertruck Spotted in Reveal Night Image

    This image from Cybertruck reveal night hasn't gotten much focus - the one circled in the first image below. Don't know why it's the only one that Tesla didn't release a large version of, but zooming in on the image (from a reveal night video) shows what looks like a ladder rack and tools...
  3. stumby

    Cybertruck Bed and Interior Features & Considerations

    Most of us know these features since they've been discussed here plenty already but seems like we've got a lot of new members lately so some of this may be helpful to some people.
  4. stumby

    "Off-Road Assist" traction control mode in Model Y previews what Cybertruck will be capable of (and more)

    From Teslarati: The Out of Spec Motoring group recently managed to get their hands on a brand new Model Y Performance, thanks to owner-enthusiast Brian of the i1Tesla YouTube channel. The motoring group tested the Model Y’s track capabilities, and they came away impressed at the vehicle’s...
  5. stumby

    Will Cybertruck use heat pump or resistance heater?

    The Model Y is the first Tesla to feature a heat pump instead of the Model S and 3's resistance heater. The heat pump means better range in the cold and winter. Any reason to think that Cybertruck won't come with a heat pump?
  6. stumby

    Cybertruck May Be Gaining Acceptance With Construction Professionals / Contractors Cybertruck Building Support with Construction Pros Back in November following Tesla’s Cybertruck announcement, we published a note titled Cybertruck Misses Core Truck Buyer, But Still An Incremental Positive...
  7. stumby

    Hummer EV Pickup Teaser Video. Cybertruck rival?

    Hummer EV pickup teaservideo: The EV pickup space is going to get pretty crowded. Cybertruck, Rivian, F-150, Lordstown, Karma, etc.
  8. stumby

    Will Cybertruck production & delivery date move up due to Model Y acceleration?

    Tesla just announced that Model Y production has started and deliveries will start by end of this March! This represents an acceleration of the original schedule by almost a year. To me this bodes really well for the Cybertruck production being moved up. The company seems to have a good grasp...
  9. stumby

    Musk tweeted an image of a banana taped to the Cybertruck? Here’s why.

    Hah Musk deleted the tweet for some reason. Here's the image he posted along with caption "Art in Motion" The tweet got me curious so I googled around and it seems that the banana taped to Cybertruck image was poking fun at an art piece titled "The Comedian" by prankster-artist Maurizio...
  10. stumby

    Fold-Up 3D Cybertruck

    Not bad for a fold-up printed Cybertruck.
  11. stumby

    Jim Cramer turns bullish on Tesla — ‘I’m a true believer’ CNBC’s Jim Cramer has made a u-turn on Tesla from an “agnostic skeptic” to an “outright bull” on the stock. The “Mad Money” host on Wednesday exclaimed “I’m a true believer in Tesla,” breaking down his...
  12. stumby

    Closeup of Cybertruck door handle and cold-rolled steel body surface

    Real good look at the Cybertruck's door handle and steel body surface.
  13. stumby

    Dubai Police to use Tesla Cybertruck Dubai Police's next supercar: Tesla Cybertruck The Tesla vehicle looks like a metallic trapezoid and its exterior is made from the same metal used for SpaceX rockets 27 Nov 2019 The next supercar to...
  14. stumby

    Tesla patents laser beams that cleans window glass

    I love the crazy stuff Musk comes up with! Tesla has filed a patent for the process of cleaning a vehicle's glass surfaces using laser beams. The laser cleaning process could clean dirt and other debris blocking...
  15. stumby

    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Ok I may be a few hours early ? But my CC is ready for tonight. So hopefully it gets some usage tonight during the live reveal and we can all start posting our Cybertruck pre-order reservation numbers!
  16. stumby

    Sport Mode and Truck Mode transform?

    The two teaser images boggle me, they look so different. Could we be looking at two different modes that the Cybertruck can transform into. Maybe a sport mode (first pic) and a truck mode (second pic)?
  17. stumby

    Will Tesla Cybertruck meet Musk’s performance and pricing goals?

    Musks words during an interview from the Summer is what got me interested in the Tesla pickup in the first place. It sounded incredible to me to have a sub $50k EV pickup that outperforms both the F-150 and 911. "The goal is to be a better truck than an F-150 in terms of truck-like...