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    another Elon interview [closed due to politics]

    EM said "there has to be a greater than )% chance that a republican can win in California or things will never change." The way for a republican to have a better than 50% + 1 vote is to be a better politician and campaign on the issues that win elections. The environment in California is not...
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    another Elon interview [closed due to politics]

    There is very clear messaging against Musk from the Democrats. This is stupid on their part. The criticisms based on wealth inequality and the rigging of the system are based on current advantages given to capital over labor and income vs earnings. It all needs to be addressed but the current...
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    CyberTruck Tri/Quad Reservations

    I guess we could put in orders for them? Gets a bit tricky if the import/export is in question...
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    John Deere buys Kreisel Electric, plans to electrify its lineup

    My buddy is now the East coast regional manager for Solectrac. Electric tractors can make a green difference. The Best Electric Tractor Manufacturers | Electric Tractor vs Diesel Tractor (
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    New Cybertruck Ready/ Tow friendly Supercharger spotted

    The available charger gets used by who ever shows up. Being courteous and allowing someone with a trailer to take the spot that facilitates that is all well intentioned. The Idea that one person over another gets to demand a charger is where it goes wrong. If all the chargers were full except...
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    Tesla TOken???

    So it says if you own a Tesla Token you will be one of the first to receive the truck. WTF???
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    Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    Ogre, is right, but let us not forget the CT is a huge improvement ( at least on paper so far) in manufacturing efficiency. The idea that a CT can be produced in 5 hours is big step up. The automation and process elimination will make the margin on this vehicle will be very good. The potential...
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    Operating a Cyber Truck Fleet

    There is an app called gas buddy that provides a map for the prices at stations. I used it a lot when driving my diesel VW. I hope there will be something similar for charging. There may be one already.
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    Cybertruck Dimensions?

    The shadow comparisons is not really used for height. It is meant to show relative size to ICE vehicles. Everyone here knows the adjustable suspension will be a great benefit.
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    What's going on with Elon? $TSLA Stock will TANK tomorrow!!!

    Free speech means free for those you don't like. I like the idea of a truth meter like Snopes uses. That could be a great way to keep the freedom and inform on the validity. What I don't like is the government being the one that is deciding the "truth" . Governments are propaganda machines...
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    Harley Livewire S2 Del Mar launching today at 12:40 CST

    Eligible Electric Cars | California Clean Fuel Reward
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    Harley Livewire S2 Del Mar launching today at 12:40 CST

    Are there incentives for EV bikes? I never even considered that as a possibility. Seems like they would want to encourage them.
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    Is Tesla going to honor the pricing from the orders? I have 2 tri-motors on order and it appears that Tesla will not deliver any.

    As I read it that means the cost of FSD is the current price. The change to a dual or quad still means an increase from a single or Tri. The big question is what is the cost of a quad?
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    Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    Sadly other than social issues both parties are aligned to keep the status quo. Making sure the $$ come rolling in. I vote Demarcate because I can not align with the Trump party. Conservatives are gone and there are not enough progressives.
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    Roof marker light

    You could make them vortex generators to improve laminar flow over the peek of the roof.