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  1. Crissa

    Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    We heard this was coming... But Tesla turned off the tap. Elon did say they didn't know when they'd be able to fulfill all the reservations, and they have more than they could fulfill in three years... And that they'd stop taking reservations they don't know when they can get to. Well, it...
  2. Crissa

    ...Canoo is still trucking along with their prototypes.

    I was told by a friend who lives down there that he keeps seeing them on the road. But it's always been tough to tell their prototypes from their renders, but I guess they're ready to start showing that they have multiple of them. No idea how they'll get them made; they've had a couple of...
  3. Crissa

    EVs have to sandbag at the races now (Rivian at the dragstrip)

    Cars designed to do this are being told to sandbag bs modified cars. -Crissa
  4. Crissa

    ...A Zero Motorcycle!

    Okay, it's not fair at all. A used Zero can be had for $6K and even the fanciest one doesn't break $30K. You get two seats and no DC charging. But a Zero is a great complement vehicle. It can fit in places not even a compact car will go. And the DS and FX models are great offroad - and at...
  5. Crissa

    Flying through Gigaberlin

    Tesla just posted the full video from the drones. Of note, we get to see inside the gigapress. -Crissa
  6. Crissa

    Boring Company LVCC switches to FSD!

    We knew this day was coming... but here it happened without fanfare. I wonder how long until it operates fully without drivers? It is a closed track. -Crissa
  7. Crissa

    Munro's new ride... Rivian

    Alot of these features are standard on Tesla vehicles, of course. -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    IDRA announces 9000T gigapress at open house in June

    Found by @Vrakpant No idea if this is 'the one' we've been waiting on or another copy, but it's getting closer! -Crissa
  9. Crissa

    Dreaming of my Cybertruck.

    (I promise there's a point) So my clothes washer died after seventeen years of near daily service. It was one of those special large, commercial-sized but all-in-one ventless units. It wasn't without its quirks, I had to tear it down every other year and fix something, clean out the heater...
  10. Crissa

    How to adhere things to steel? Via crossbar beam - Ford's method vs Tesla's (Sandy Munro video)

    The question of how Tesla is going to adhere things to the folded steel and avoid cathodic corrosion? Well... the secret is just a minute into this: Tesla takes a piece of steel and sticks it in the middle of a nylon injection molding machine to have pre-formed plastic through and against...
  11. Crissa

    Exoskeleton, Gigagasting, and The Limiting Factor

    Here Jordan Giesige covers how the new gigacastings work with the exoskeleton. -Crissa PS, the meat is nine minutes in, but we've discussed this so much, his diagrams and background should be helpful.
  12. Crissa

    Spending vs revenue in car-centric development (trigger warning, not politics)

    It's come up more than a few times, but I really like urban planning. And we all like trucks - at least the Cybertruck. So we want to get away from urban places. But making those urban areas stronger, perhaps ironically, makes our remote places more protected, too. Cool maps in this video...
  13. Crissa

    On the small end of things, Arcimoto Flatbed Highway capable, single seat. Does it get any smaller? The bed slides out to a full width, collapses down when not in use. Arcimoto also said DC charging is in the future.Pretty cool, tho spouse wants something with at least four seats in our fleet. -Crissa
  14. Crissa

    Lightning pre-orders? (Poll)

    I know alot of us have hedged their bets with more than one reservation. I have an Aptera and Silverado reservations; when I reserved the Cybertruck there weren't other options, and my budget has gotten better since. Lately, I've heard a bunch of people have been able to configure their Ford...
  15. Crissa

    So the Ford has a spare, right?

    So yeah, I guess it was there for looks? -Crissa
  16. Crissa

    This is why GM needs ads and Tesla doesn't...

    Gold line GM, Red Line Tesla, Blue line (upper) EV They also emailed the ad to Silverado reservation holders. -Crissa
  17. Crissa

    Tesla recalls 800+k cars over seatbelt chime It's over the air, but... this also seems petty. I'm pretty sure all my manual transmission cars don't chime when I get back into them after leaving them idling until reaching the speed level...
  18. Crissa

    This is what Beta models can look like:

    Aptera has three alphas and several betas. As a smaller company with more to lose, they're making up media to keep their investors invested. This isn't something Tesla has had to do for like fifteen years, alas. -Crissa
  19. Crissa

    Rivian adopting Level 2 charge points Rivian is paying forward Level 2 destination-style chargers. This is good stuff; these are the kinds of chargers ypu want to find in a snow storm or letting you skip that detour to a Supercharger so your truck can be...